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Inventory Control



Auditing Your Inventory

Automatic Price Calculations for New Items

Average Cost Calculation

Bill-of-Material - Setup - Manufacturing or Production

Bill-of-Material Post Item Assembly Without Production Orders

Bill-of-Material Post Production with Production Orders

Bill-of-Material Production Scheduling

Bill-of-Material Recalculate Item Cost


Change Item Number - Single Item

Change OR Import Item Number - Mass Item Change and Import

Changes to Multi-Company Inventory Information

Consolidate / Merge Item Numbers

Copy Items to a New Vendor or Warehouse

Cost -- Average or Last

Cost Based on % of Price

Cost-Per-Copy Program

Decimals - Inventory

Delete / Purge / Erase Inventory Item Records

Dimensional Types

Flow of Inventory

Import Data into Item Master

Import Data into Supplier Master (Task 18)

Import Data into Warehouse Master (Task 19)

Import New Items from a Spreadsheet

Internal Use of Inventory

Inventory Late Fiscal Year Closing

Inventory Month End Procedures

Inventory Setup - Basic Information

Inventory Tracking - Physical Inventory

Inventory Year End

Min/Max or EOQ

Physical Inventory

Physical Inventory Counted Over a Couple Weeks

Physical Inventory Selected by Item #

Physical Inventory Selected by Picking Sequence

Price Based on 1/2 Size Reduction

Price Based on a % of Cost

Price Based on a Matrix Table - Originals x Copies x Price

Price Based on a Matrix-Table - Copies x Price

Price Based on a Minimum Item Quantity

Price Based on an Across the Board % Discount

Price Based on Contract Pricing

Price Based on Discount % with Exceptions

Price Based on Levels

Price Based on Partial Case Qty

Price Based on Quantity Breaks for 1 Client

Price Based on Quantity Discount Tables

Price Based on the Step Method

Price Levels

Price Upcharge Based on Group Discount Table

Product Code and Report Class Setup and Reports

Rental Order Template

Reports Month End Analysis

Reset Warehouse YTD Figures

Restart Inventory

Sell-by, Stock-by and Buy-by

Set Item Price as Markup or % of Profit Based on the Item Cost

Skip Adding Items to Warehouse

Skip Cost Updates on Item

Task 01 - Add New Items

Task 04 - Adjust Prices and Costs

Task 05 - Add New Items - Quick

Task 07 - Inventory Tracking - Overview

Task 07 - Inventory Tracking - Sub-Task 1 Warehouse tracking master maintenance WTKMNT

Task 07 - Inventory Tracking - Sub-Task 2 Move Inventory WTMENT

Task 07 - Inventory Tracking - Sub-Task 3 Print Warehouse Bin labels

Task 07 - Inventory Tracking - Sub-Task 4 Slot Master SLTMNT

Task 07 - Inventory Tracking - Sub-Task 5 Empty/Negative Slot report

Task 07 - Inventory Tracking - Sub-Task 6 Drop Overstock report SLTDRP

Task 08 - Add New Items - Shortened

Task 18 - Supplier Master

Warehouse Master Effects when an item is Sold

Warehouse Master-Effects when an item is Purchased