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Order Processing


"Quote Only" Section Allowed

A/R and O/E Report Comparisons

Adding an Upcharge using Group Discount Table

Alternate Invoice

Batch Printing Invoices

Bid Sets

Bill of Materials a.k.a. Kits

C.O.D. - O/E

C.O.D. - Orders Not Allowed to Charge

Calculate Profit Percent

Charity Donations - O/E

Commission Exceptions

Commissions - Flat % based Item Prefix

Commissions - O/E

Contact Management

Contract Prices for One Alternate Ship-to or Job

Copy an order

Cost Savings When E-mailing Invoices

Creating Orders in O/E Using a Spreadsheet

Cross Division Selling

Customer Contract File - Import

Customer Contract File - Import Spreadsheet Example

Customer Contract File - Monitoring

Customer Contract File - Pricing

Customer Contract File - Purging and Erasing

Daily Activity Checklist - O/E


Departments - O/E

Download or Create Orders Using Spreadsheet

E-Delivery Invoice Log

E-mailing Invoices Failing for One Customer

E-mailing or Faxing Invoices - O/E

Erase Orders from Task 1 & 2

Export Invoices from History to a .csv using "O" Original

Export Invoices from History to a .csv using "O" Original Detail

Freight Fees Based on Zip Code & Weight

Freight Fees Based on Zip Codes

Freight Fees Based on Zones and Weight

Fuel/Delivery Surcharge

How to Enter a Sales Order

In-House Use - Account for Cost

Inactive/New Business


Lost Sales - Tracking

Markup item from cost

Message - Contract Price Lookup Unavailable

Message - Order has Monies Collected

Message - Set Department Number

Meter Billing

Minimum Order Fee

Minimum Order Fee - When Customer Picks Up Order

New & Existing Orders - Basic Instructions

New & Existing Orders - Detailed Instructions

Non-Stock Items

Order Entry Credit Memo Refund

Partial Case Pricing

Partial Item Search

Price Based on Group Discount

Price Hierarchy

Print Customer Sales Memo Notes on Documents

Print Item Memo Notes on Documents

Printing On Order Documents

Profit for a Single Customer

Reconditioned Items

Recurring Orders

Reprint Invoices - O/E

Return Damaged Goods Through Order Entry

Round Dimensional Items

Search for Open Sales Orders

Summary Billing - O/E

Task 19 - Alternate Ship-to File

Task 22 - Projects

Teller Codes

Terminal Lockout From an Action

Tracking Jobs in O/E

Trade-In - Effects in General Ledger


Vendor Stock Number

Verify Cost on Open Sales Order

Verify on Order Quantity Cost - Average or Last

Verify On-Hand Quantity

Whole Order Discounts Costs-Per-Copy Program