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Duplicate Customer Numbers

Occasionally, duplicate customer numbers appear in the system.  There are two steps to resolve the issue.


Step 1.  Try sorting the Customer Master file and see if this resolves the problem.

Use Sub-task 6 (Sort Existing Customer Records) in Task 17 (Customer Master) in AR.

If the duplicate customer numbers still exist, then proceed with Step 2.



Step 2.  Access the customer number record in the Customer Master file (Task 17 in AR) that is before the customer number that is duplicated.


Then scroll to the next record, which is the first instance of the customer number that is duplicated.  Note the amount that is field #34 - Total owed:


Press the ENTER key through to the "next" customer - which should have the same customer number.  This is the only way to get to the duplicated record.  The record should be an exact duplicate of the first.  Check line #34 to verify that fact.


Zero out field #34 on this record.  Then this record can be deleted using the delete function  (Sub-task 3 in Task 17 of AR).  Note: the record to be deleted must be accessed in the same manner that the duplicate record was found - by scrolling from the record prior.  Be sure that the second occurrence of the customer number is deleted, and not the first!


Sort the Customer Master file (Sub-task 6 in Task 17 of AR).


Access the record prior to the customer that was duplicated and scroll through and verify the duplicated customer was deleted.