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Incorrect Date on Cash Posting

To amend a posted entry in cash receipts that was incorrectly dated:



Enter a zero debit memo in Sales Entry and Editing go to:

  • A/R, Task 1 Sales entry & editing
    • Sub-task 1 Enter (ADD) new sales
      • The important/necessary fields are listed below, in bold, with the number of characters in parenthesis.
        • First Screen:
          • 01. Invoice # :_____(6) Numeric. Assign an invoice number that is out of the range of the system generated invoice or CM numbers.                         
          • 02. Inv date:______(6) Enter the same incorrect date as on the incorrect cash/receipts posting. 
          • 04. Division#:__(2)                         
          • 05. Sale type:_(1)  “5” – debit memo
            • The system will prompt: “Check for duplicate credit memo or debit memo?”.
            • Answer Y              
          • 06. Customer # :______(6)

          • NOTE: This is a zero debit memo, no amounts will be entered on this screen.

          • 15. Apply to: Press enter key so the debit memo will be applied to itself.

          • Enter key until at field 1 Invoice #. If more than one debit memo is needed, enter the next zero debit memo.

      • Still in Task 1 Sales entry & editing, go to sub-task 4 Print Sales edit list.  Make sure all of your entries are correct.

      • Still in Task 1 Sales entry & editing, go to sub-task 5 Post sales records to A/R files. Save posting register. Say YES to “Posting of Sales header Records OK?”



  • Go to task 3 (Change Apply-To #’s)
    • Type in the customer #, then the payment #.  Apply the incorrectly dated  payments to the zero  debit memo just posted.  The new apply to # will be the zero debit memo #. 



  • Accounts Receivable (Task 2)
    • Cash Receipts Entry & Editing (Task 2)
      • Enter New Cash Record (Sub-task 1)
        • Use the identical information from the original entry, except the check/cash amount needs to be negative.  
        • Use the same incorrect date as well.  This entry effectively zeroes out the original entry.
        • On the second screen, type in the zero debit memo # posted in step 1.  The negative amount will need to be applied to the zero debit memo.
      • Still in Task 2 Cash/receipts entry & editing, go to sub-task 4 Print cash edit list.  Make sure your amounts are all negative and the dates are the incorrect date.

      • Still in Task 2 Cash/receipts entry & editing, go to sub-task 5 Post cash records to A/R files. Save the cash posting register. Answer YES to “Posting of Cash header Records OK?”



A/R, Task 32 System management functions,

  • Sub-task 4 Clear paid inv.’s from A/R open.  This should be done very carefully.
  • Special purge of $0 only? N
  • Please enter document cut-off date:  type in the incorrect date
  • Please enter – starting & ending customer #: type in the customer # with the incorrect cash/receipt date.
    • This will clear ALL correctly applied documents on this customer’s account up until this incorrect date.
  • Back out of system management.
  • In A/R, go into Task 27 customer inquiry. Bring up the customer’s account. Look at the detail screens.  The incorrectly dated negative & positive cash/receipts & the zero debit memo should be cleared off of the account.



A/R, Task 2 Cash/Receipts entry & editing

  • Sub-task 1 Enter (ADD) new cash.  Enter the transactions with the correct date & apply them to the correct invoices as a normal cash entry & posting.