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Miscellaneous Cash Received or Paid Out (Non-A/R Cash)

Miscellaneous Cash Received or Paid-Out (Non-A/R Cash)

  • Accounts Receivable (Module 2)
    • Cash Receipts Entry & Editing (Task 2)
      • Enter New Cash Record (Sub-task 1)
        • Important lines to enter:
          • Line 2 - Trx Type: Use #7 (Misc.-1) or #8 (Misc.-2)
          • Line 13-Other $: (Other dollars) Used for coupons or gift certificates. This amount is added to your "Amount Received" and "Change to A/R" on the cash edit and postings reports. Note: negative "Cash Paid Out" transactions should be done on lines 14 & 15.
          • Line 14-G/L Account #: (General Ledger account number) For information about line #14, see line #15.
          • Line 15- G/L Account $: (General Ledger amount) This is used for non-A/R money, i.e. miscellaneous income, cash paid out of the till, to track cash short/over, or coupons/gift certificates, etc.
          • Line 16 - Order #: When using order entry (point of sale) this is the order # that the payment is to be applied to.
          • Line 17 - PO/RO#: Used for miscellaneous payment reference.
        • Always use Customer #99999, Retail. This allows you to type in the company name or person name etc.
        • In order to use lines # 14 and #15, lines 6 through 13 must be zero.
        • When you use lines #14 and #15 the computer will not go to the second screen.
        • For line #14 (G/L account #), enter the GL Account number or press the TAB key to search by description.
          • Example - miscellaneous cash received: Refund check received from insurance company. Enter GL Account number for Insurance Expense on line #14, and the dollar amount of the check on line #15.
            • Only one G/L # is allowed per transaction. If more than one G/L account is required, multiple transactions must be entered so the full amount can be dispersed.
          • Example -Cash Paid OutCash is taken out of the till. Enter GL Account number for the expense (example: postage, gas) on line #14. Type in a negative sign and the amount spent on the expense on line #15.
          • Example - Cash Over/Short: Balance the till and it does not have the exact amount of money that should be in it. Enter in the G/L Account number for cash over/short on line #14. If the till is overenter in the over amount on line #15. If the till is shortenter in the over amount with a negative sign on line #15.
          • Example - Coupons are accepted by your company. Enter the G/L Account number for coupons on line #14. Enter in the amount of coupons with a negative sign on line #15.
          • Example - Credit Cards going to a different bank account than the rest of the money. Enter the G/L Account number for the other bank account on line #14. Enter the total amount of credit cards with a negative sign on line #15.
        • ANY CHANGE? If any changes are to be made on this screen type in the line # to be changed, and make the changes.

NOTE"Total to apply" should appear on the screen. This is the total of lines #6 through #13. Make sure it is correct.