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Negative and Positive Payments

On occasion, usually because of a mistake in trying to fix a problem, a customer's account will have two identical payments - one with a negative amount and one with a positive amount.  The instructions below are how to take care of the issue.


Step 1. 

In Sales Entry & Editing (Task 1 in the AR module) enter a new record.  In field 1 (Invoice #) be sure that the number is outside the normal invoice number range.  In Sales Type (field #5) use Debit Memo (type 5), and in the Sales Amount (field #8) enter "0".  Enter through the rest of the fields and post the invoice (be sure to note the invoice number entered in field 1).


On the Customer's Account Inquiry (Task 27 in AR) there should be the positive payment, the negative payment and the newly-created debit memo for zero. Note the document numbers for the two payments.



Step 2.

"Sort" the AR Open File (Task 18 in AR), the Sales History (Task 19 in AR) and Cash/Receipts History (Task 20 in AR) before continuing.



Step 3.

In the Change Apply-to #'s program (Task 3 in AR), three entries need to be made.


  1. Enter the customer number, then enter the newly-created debit memo "invoice" number.  In the "New apply to #" field also enter the debit memo "invoice" number -- thereby applying the debit to itself.
  2. Enter the customer number, enter one of the document numbers for either the positive or negative payment.  In the “New apply to#” field, enter the newly-created debit memo number.
  3. Enter the customer number, enter the other document number for the positive or negative payment that wasn't used in the step above.  In the “New apply to#” field, enter the newly-created debit memo number.


Net Effect:

The newly-created zero debit memo was applied to: (1) itself; (2) the positive payment; and (3) the negative payment.  At month-end, when the customer's account is cleared, all three payments will disappear.