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Refund Credit Card Deposit

If a credit card deposit was entered through Order Processing and a credit needs to be given for the deposit, please read the following:


1.      If the Credit Card deposit has NOT been posted through to A/R (the deposit is not on the customer’s account), then run a credit for the deposit amount through the credit card company and on the sales order select “Refund D/P” in Task 1 or  2, depending on which task the order is in.   This will void the order by deleting all of the line items.  This option assumes you have not recorded the credit card payment in the system, except for it being on the sales order.


2.      If the Credit Card deposit HAS BEEN posted through to A/R (the deposit is shown as an Advance Payment – Type A – on the customer’s account), then follow the instructions below:



  • Access the order in Order Processing (Module 6, Task 1 or 2, Sub-task 1) and select the action of "Refund D/P" on the Collection screen.
  • Move the order to the Invoice Order Holding File (if the order is still in Task 1) using Move Invoiced Order 1>2 (Module 6, Task 25),  The order will have a Sales Type of ‘Credit’, with no line items on the order.
  • Post the order from the O/E Invoiced Order Holding File to A/R (Module 6, Task 2, Sub-task 5).  The posting will show a Deposit Refund and a negative amount under CASH in the ‘Payment Method’ column.  On the last page of the posting you will see the amount under:  CASH PAID OUT and also as a negative in the Cash totals under ‘Collections’.
  • Post in the A/R module.
    • In Sales Entry & Edit (Module 2, Task 1) there will be a system-generated Debit Memo for zero dollars (remember…the line items on the order were deleted).   Post the Debit Memo.
    • In Cash Receipts Entry & Editing (Module 2, Task 2), bring up the record using Sub-task 2 and make the following changes and then post:
      • Field #2, Trx Type change to 6 (Ccard Refund)
      • Field #9, Cash $ change to 0
      • Field# 10, Bank Card $ change to the refund amount (note:  be sure to enter a negative sign before entering the refund amount)
  • Customer’s Account (Task 27) will have 3 entries:

    • System-generated Debit Memo (Type D) for zero dollars

    • An Advanced Payment (Type A) amount for the original deposit amount, this amount will be negative

    • Payment (Type P) amount from the refund, this amount will be positive.

  • Apply, using Task 3 -- Change Apply-to #‘s—apply the Advanced Payment to the Debit Memo; then apply the Payment to the Debit Memo…resulting in a net zero.  

  • Clear the account at month-end, as part of the normal month-end procedures, and the Debit Memo, Advanced Payment and Payment will all be cleared from the customer’s account.