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Task 10 - Sales Analysis

There are many different reports in this task. Always "read" the first screen to complete details of the parameters used for each report.

  • Reports 1-8 information is generated from Task 17: Customer Master.
    • 1 - Sales Analysis by Customer Number for All Months: sales by month for this year and last year. Also generates "inactivity" report (customers with $0 sales)
    • 2 -Sales Analysis by Customer Name for All Months: same as #1, but by name.
    • 3 - Sales Analysis by Customer Type for All Months: same as #1, but by type.
    • 4 - Sales Analysis by Customer State for All Months: alphabetical order by state, sales by month for this year and last year.
    • 5 - Sales Analysis by Country/State/City or Zip, All Months: sales by month for this year and last year by customer type, country, state, city and zip.
    • 6 - Sales Analysis by Salesman #/Customer Name for All Months: sales by month for this year and last year by salesman number and customer name.
    • 7- Sales Analysis by Type/MTD Sales for a $ Range: good to determine top 50 customers for a specified month based on sales.
    • 8 - Sales Analysis by Type/YTD Sales for a $ Range: good to determine top 50 customers for a specified year based on sales.
    • 9 - Sales Analysis by Type/Customer Name for a Chosen Month: Sales for a specified month for customer types and names selected


  • Reports 9-14 information is generated from Task 19: Sales History.
    • 10 - State Tax Summary: tax summary by tax category (AR module; System Management Functions - task 32; Modify Application Table - sub-task 17; Tax Zones - option 5) by state, but with no detail.
    • 11 - State Tax Summary w/Optional Detail: tax summary or detail by tax status and invoice date
    • 12 - Sales History Summary by Customer Type or Invoice Code: sales information (total of invoices, credit memos, finance charges and debit memos) by customer type for a date range
    • 13 - Sales History Summary by Date/Department: sales information by date range and department
    • 14 - Sales History Summary by Salesperson: sales information, displays gross and net sales up to a 60 day date range
    • 15 - Tax Zone Summary by Div #/Zone #/Date Range: based on document number and date range displays dollar amounts for document, freight, other, total sales, taxable/non-taxable, state and zone taxes.
    • 16 - Tax Zone Summary by Zone/ Division #/ Date Range: sales information by tax zone and division number. Print by zone #, title or code and include invoices w/o any zone in the report detail.
  • Report 17 information is generated from Task 18: A/R Open Items & Task 24: Cleared A/R History.
    • 17 - Cash Basis tax report: ​sales tax report based upon payments & adjustments for 'Cash basis' sales tax reporting
      • ​This report should not be used for 'Acrrual accounting'.
      • Tax amount combines both State & Zone
      • The 'payment' basis includes actual monetary payments along with credits and any other adjustment transactions applied to pay/clear a document
      • The report is not exportable using .csv/exp but you can use the plain/raw text output for the same purposes.

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