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Auditing a Check Posting

Step 1.


Occasionally, there is a problem with an Accounts Payable check posting.  Follow the instructions to help determine the problem and then, how to fix the problem. Go to:


  • Accounts Payable (Module 3)
    • Voucher History (Task 19)
    • Change Existing Voucher History Record (Sub-task 2)


Enter the voucher number for each individual voucher associated with the problem check run.  Look at the Doc amt., Check #, Disc taken and Paid date for each voucher.


This process will provide the information for which vouchers are or are not paid in the system.  Every voucher that is on the edit list, from the check posting, should be marked as paid .  If any voucher is NOT shown as paid, then make the Voucher History match the information on the Edit List.



Step 2


When the above step is finished and the status of the information in the Voucher History has been verified against the vouchers on the affected AP check posting edit list, then go to:


  • Accounts Payable (Module 3)
    • AP Open Items (Task 21)
      • Change Existing Open-Item Record (Sub-task 2)


Check the Due Date, Status and Check #  for each individual voucher looked at in the previous step.  The vouchers should be there and the vouchers that the system has recognized as paid will have a check #, due date and a paid (3) status.  If any of the information is incorrect on a paid voucher, then correct it.  Be sure that the paid date, amount and check number match the Edit List and the Voucher History.



Step 3.


One final step is to verify that the paid checks affected the checking account properly.  The amounts and the Transaction (Trx) dates must be verified and correct.  Go to:

  • Accounts Payable (Module 3)
    • Check Account (Task 20)
      • Change Existing Checks Record (Sub-task 2)


Note:   for Trx # use the check number.

The Trx date: should match the paid date in Voucher History and AP Open Item.

The Amount: should also match the amount in Voucher History and AP Open Items.



The information in all the files (Tasks 19, 20 & 21) must be correct and match!