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Task 01 - Voucher Entry & Editing - Multiple Users

There may be several people entering vendor invoices or vendor credit memos in the Purchase Order Module, (Module 7, Task 3 or 5), or several people entering vouchers in Accounts Payable (Module 3, Task 1 – Voucher Entry & Editing) at the same time.  This document explains how to set the system to give a separate edit list and posting by terminal in A/P Voucher Entry & Editing (Task 1). 


For instructions on how to use the A/P, Task 1 Voucher Entry & Editing see document titled “Task 01 – Voucher Entry & Editing”, or on how to use the P/O, Task #3 Vendor Invoice Entry & Editing see document titled “Task 03 – Vendor Invoice Entry & Editing”  on our website  



To set the system to ask for terminal number when printing the edit list or posting, a parameter needs to be set correctly.  To set this parameter go to:

  • Accounts Payable (Module 3)
    • System Management Functions (Task 32)
      • Modify Parameters Files (Sub-task 22)
        • A/P – General (Selection 1)
          • Look for the following parameter:   VOUCHER’BY’TERMINAL=
          • If this parameter is set to N:
        • One voucher edit list will be printed for all entries, regardless of the terminal the vouchers were entered on.  There is no way of knowing which transaction was entered at which terminal.

        • One voucher posting register will be printed for the all entries of all the terminals (the same as the edit list).  The Voucher posting register is printed in voucher number order.  If this parameter is set to Y:


When printing an edit list the next screen will appear:



This file contains entries from these terminals: 

Term#    Entries

_____    _______

20                 34

22         39

 25         27



This terminal # is: 20


Enter terminal # to be printed: _____




  • The edit list may be printed for all terminal numbers or for one selected terminal number.   The terminal number is found on the Main Menu screen in the upper right hand corner, along with the date and time.
    • The example above would have terminal 20 having 34 vouchers entered, terminal 22 having 39 vouchers and terminal 25 having 27 vouchers or a total of 100 vouchers for all three terminals.
  • The terminal number and entries from the Purchase Order Module; Vendor Invoice Entry & Editing (Task 3) & Vendor CR-Memo Entry & Editing (Task 5) are included in the count on the screen for an edit list and posting register.  

  • When printing an Edit List for each terminal separately, each user may check/edit their entries. 

  • When printing the Posting Register, the same screen will appear as above.  Each user may post their own voucher entries separately.  Or all the entries may be posted together.