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Message - "Missing or Paid Voucher"

The Missing or Paid Voucher alert arises when the AP Open Items (Task 21 in the AP module) and the Voucher History (Task 19 in the AP module) do not correlate to one another.  The alert will specify a voucher number when it occurs, and it is that voucher number that needs to be investigated.


Look in both the AP Open Items and the Voucher History, find the difference between the two files, determine which is accurate and then correct the difference.



Missing Voucher:


This message can occur when the voucher is in the AP Open Items file, but the voucher is not in the Voucher History file.  


To fix the situation, "add" the record to the Voucher History File (use "Enter New Vch History Record" - Subtask 1 in Task 19).  Find the AP Voucher Posting Register, containing the missing voucher, for the data that needs to be entered into theVoucher History.   Hint:  To find the correct posting register, look at the record in the AP Open Items file for the Batch number.



Paid Voucher:


This message can occur when the voucher is showing as Paid in the Voucher History file, but Not Paid in the AP Open Items file.


To determine if the voucher has actually been paid, find the record in the Voucher History file and look at fields 11 (Check #) and 13 (Paid Date).  If there is a check number and a paid date, confirm that the check is in the Check Account file (Task 20 in the AP module) and track it to the check register to verify that the voucher has actually been paid.


If the voucher has been paid, find the corresponding record in the AP Open Item file and change the status field (#8) of the voucher to "Paid Voucher", then enter the check number in field #10.