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Pre-Paid Deposit on a Purchase Order

This document explains the steps when a vendor wants a payment, before they will ship something.  


Step 1:

Accounts Payable (Module 3)

  • Voucher Entry & editing (Task 1)
    • Enter (ADD) new transaction (Sub-task 1). Enter a new voucher for the amount of the deposit.
      • The invoice # should be the PO # or DEPOSIT ON EQUIPMENT.  Something that makes sense to you.
      • The amount is the amount of the deposit.
      • When the cursor is at field 7 Pre-paid: At the bottom of the screen will be a message: F1 to make this a deposit voucher.  After the F1 is pressed, the cursor stays at field 7 Pre-paid. 
      • If the deposit is already paid (check has already been hand written, or if the check was printed using Task 8 Immediate check printing, or EFT already completed) select the method of payment for the deposit.  If Task 25 Voucher payment preparation is going to be used to print a check for the deposit, use N: Unpaid –open on acct.
      • The G/L account # will automatically be used from the parameter CLEARING’ACCT=.  Changing the G/L # on a deposit voucher is not permitted.
    • When the deposit voucher is posted another voucher will be automatically posted for the same amount only a negative amount. The same G/L account # will be used on both of these vouchers.
    • The negative voucher will be an unpaid voucher.   
    • After these two vouchers are posted if the deposit voucher was unpaid, the check will need to be printed & posted in Task 25 Voucher payment preparation.  Only the positive deposit voucher should be selected for payment & paid. 
    • The credit voucher will be unpaid on the vendor’s account. 
    • This unpaid credit voucher may be used against the vendor’s invoice for this PO.  Make sure this credit voucher isn’t selected for payment until after the vendor’s invoice is posted for this PO into the A/P module.
    • At any point, before the deposit voucher is posted, go to field 7 Pre-paid, to press F1 again, to change this deposit voucher back to a normal voucher, NOT a deposit voucher. When changing it back to a normal voucher, verify field 6 Discount %, field 8 Due date, fields 12-20 G/L account #.
    • If a PO isn’t going to be completed for this purchase, skip step 2.



Step 2:

Purchase Order (Module 7)

  • Purchase order entry & editing (Task 1)
    • Enter/change new purchase order (Sub-task 1)
    • The check # can be put on a couple of different fields on the PO.  The first screen of the PO, Field #7 Ven order#: or Field #8 Shipper#:.  The shipping screen of the PO; Field 11 Billing terns: should be PRE-PAID CHECK or PRE-PAID DEPOSIT; Field 13 Notes: The check # and check amount can be typed in.
  • Receiver entry & editing (Task 2). The receiver should be completed as usual.
  • Vendor invoice entry & editing (Task 3)
    • Enter new invoice (Sub-task 1).  Enter the vendor invoice as usual.  Field 2 Invoice #, use the vendor’s invoice # and if enough room, type in the check # also.  Field 19 Reference #: should be the PO & check #: #12345/Check #30000.  Field #20 Pre-paid: should be N.  Post/Voucher to the A/P module. 


Step 3:

Accounts Payable (Module 3)

  • Voucher entry & editing (Task 1):  The vendor’s invoice, which came over from the PO module, should be posted into A/P as unpaid.  If there is enough room in field 2 Invoice # for the invoice # & the check #, type the check # in this field.  Field 9 Reference # should be the PO # and the check #.



Step 4:

Accounts Payable (Module 3): The credit voucher automatically posted in step 1 above should still be on the vendor’s account. 

  • If the credit voucher and the vendor’s invoice are for the same amount (one negative and one positive), go to Apply A/P credits (Task 4) and apply them to each other.
  • If the credit voucher and the vendor’s invoice are for different amounts:
    • Make sure to select the credit voucher for payment along with the vendor’s invoice in Voucher payment preparation (Task 25), the when a payment is going to this vendor. 




To add/change vendor billing terms go to:

Purchase Order (module 7)

  • System management functions (Task 32)
    • Modify application tables (Sub-task 17)
      • 4 Payment/Billing terms table



NOTE:  If many vendor deposits are used it might be a good idea to print an A/P Aged trial balance for the vendor to balance the account with the vendor’s statement.  To print an A/P Aged trial balance report go to A/P (Module 3), Task 9 Aged trial balance, Aged trial balance with option detail APTBAL (Sub-task 3).  An Aged trial balance report may be printed for just one vendor #, with detail.