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Task 11 - A/P Expense Distribution

This report is one of the end-of-month balancing reports.


Selectable ranges are invoice date, G/L account #, print detail, and division #.

  • Starting and Ending Dates:  Press the ENTER key for all.
  • Starting and Ending GL Account #:  Press the ENTER key for all.
  • Print Item Detail:  Y/N
  • Payor Division #:  Enter the division that is carrying the payable - division that is paying the bill.  Press the ENTER key for all.
  • Expense Division #:  Enter the division that the voucher was expensed to - this is the last two digits on the expense GL account number.  Press ENTER key for all.


There should be NO "Unknown Account".  If there is, go to Task 19 - Voucher History File and fix the information on the second screen, using the vendor number and document number provided on this report.  Run the report again.


This report pulls its information from the Voucher History file - Task 19 in A/P.


This report displays which General Ledger accounts the vouchers were distributed to.


This report will also show if the voucher was paid.