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Bid Sets

This document explains how to use Profits Plus for Bid Sets.  Before beginning, the appropriate inventory items need to be setup.  However, prior to actually adding the items, some thought needs to be given to the item number and item description. 


How to Setup Inventory Item:


Item Number:  i.e. 935-1052 MECH 

  • 935    Use, as the 3-character prefix, a number that is specific to the project.  Therefore, when doing a "search" by item number all the items/prints for a specific project will be grouped together.
  • 1052 MECH  The second part of the item number can be up to 15 characters.  This portion of the item number can be used in a couple of different ways.  (1) 1052  can be the same for all the different sets of prints, or (2) it can also be used to indicate which of your locations the prints are held at.  For example:  105 could be common to all the item numbers for a project, whereas the 2 could indicate that this set of prints is held at location 2.  MECH indicates that it is the Mechanical set of prints.



  • By keeping the beginning of the entire project description consistent, the "search" by item description will group all the items/prints for a specific project together.


Below is an example for a complete set of prints for one project:

Item #                                      Description

935-1052                                                       HIGHLAND SCHOOL GYM PROJECT

935-1052 ARCH                     HIGHLAND SCHOOL GYM -ARCHETICTURE

935-1051 CIVIL                      HIGHLAND SCHOOL GYM - CIVIL 

935-1051 ELEC                      HIGHLAND SCHOOL GYM - ELECTRICAL

935-1052 MECH                    HIGHLAND SCHOOL GYM - MECHANICAL

935-1052 SP BK                     HIGHLAND SCHOOL GYM - SPEC BOOK

(note: the individual prints for the Civil and Electrical come from location/division 1, whereas the remaining are at location/division 2). 


To set up the items, go to:

  • Inventory Control (Module 5)
    • Add New Items (Task 1)
      • Enter (Add) New Items (Sub-task 1)


There are a number of fields on an item that are important, they are:

01Item #:                              Keep the first 3 characters consistent

02Item Description: Keep the beginning portion of the description consistent

03. Item G/L #:                      Enter the appropriate General Ledger number

04. Sell by:                             Use "Each" or "Set"

05. Stock by:                          Use "Each" or "Set"

07. Average Cost:                  "0" - zero

11. Price 1:                             Price for the complete set or the individual print

20. Taxable:                           Yes or No

21. Item Type:                       Use "Labor"

23. Product Code:                  Enter the appropriate Product Code

24. Report Class:                   Enter the appropriate Report Class

26. Dimensional:                    Use "R" for Repro-no quantity

36. Memo Notes:                   Enter, for example, the separate drawings, which are included in the individual drawing.  This field is accessed in Task 17 after the new item has been posted to the Item Master File.




How to Use in Order Processing:


On the first screen of an order in Order Processing (Module 6, Task 1, Sub-task 1), F1 - Item # Inquiry and F2 - Item Desc Inquiry can be used to find the complete list of all the drawing for a single project.


Before entering any information about the customer, use either F1 or F2.  Using F1, type in, for example, 935 followed by the HOME key.  The entire list of all the drawings for the Highland School Gym project will appear, along with the prices.  If the customer would like a particular drawing, use "Y" to select the item.  The system will then prompt:  Place xxxxxxxx item on next order? Y/N.  The system will then revert back to the first screen of an order; proceed to enter the customer information.  If "Yes" was answered to the prompt, the item will appear on the order.  Enter the quantity of drawings.  If another drawing is required, enter the full or partial number or use TAB for a description search.




Additional Information:


  • Contract pricing can be defined for these items


  • Descriptions for prints, etc. can contain information regarding revisions (i.e. "935-1052 MECH V#2" can indicate this is 2nd revision for the Mechanical drawings).  Note:  for each revision, a new item number should be added


  • When the sales is posted through the system, the sales history information is recorded in the Sales History files


  • Should revisions need to be sent out, a History report can be run by item number and the companies that need the revision can be identified.