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Customer Contract File - Purging and Erasing

Erase Customer Contract Item records


  • Order Processing (Module 6)
    • Customer Contract item file (Task 21)
      • Delete existing Contract record (Sub-task 3) delete one contract item record at a time. Contact us for password options for this sub-task.
      • Erase selected Contract records (Sub-task 5). Contact us for password options for this sub-task.
      • Print selected Contract records (Sub-task 4)
        • The questions below are asked when using the Print & Erase sub-task #’s 4 & 5; with the exception of “Are you sure you want to erase old records?” and “Print purged records?”; these two questions aren’t asked when using sub-task 4 Print.
        • It is recommended to first print a report (using sub-task 4) of what you think you want to erase PRIOR to erasing, to verify these are really the customer contract item records needed to be erased.
        • “Purge/print invalid customer/ship-to/items only?”
          • By answering Yes to this question you can print/purge the customer contract item records which don’t have valid customer #, a valid alternate ship-to record, or valid item #’s.
        • By typing in a starting & ending expiration date, records can be erased which expired years ago, i.e. starting date 01/01/03, ending date 12/31/06.
        • The purge can be further limited, by typing in starting & ending customer # or starting & ending of any of the selections.


Are you sure you want to erase old records? (YES/NO)


Printer selection screen


Print customer names on report? (Y/N)


Please enter – starting customer route:

-        ending customer route:


Please enter – starting contract expiration date:

-        ending contract expiration date:


Purge invalid customer/ship-to/items only? (Y/N)  Purge contracts only when a matching master record is invalid.


Include item history quantity & dollars for a date range? (Y/N)  Increases run time, applies only to item # contracts, show last sale date.


Print report by: 1) item # / class / code / customer number / alternate #.

                          2) customer number / alternate # / item #/ class / code.


Depending on which # was selected 1 or 2 it will ask:

Please enter – starting item #/class/code:

-        ending item #/class/code:


Please enter – starting customer #:

-        ending customer #:


Please enter – starting alternate #:

-        ending alternate #:


Print purged records?


Erasing Customer contract item records while purging A/R customer records:

  • Account Receivable (Module 2)
  • Sales analysis (Task 10)
  • Sales analysis by customer number for all months SACUSN (Sub-task 1)
  • This report has the option of deleting inactive customers from the A/R customer master and it will also delete the customer’s contract item records.
  • Contact us to add or remove the password when printing this report & using this option to delete customers



Deleting Customer contract item records while importing a spreadsheet:

  • Order Processing (Module 6)
  • System management functions (Task 32)
  • Update/create contracts by file (Sub-task 13).  See document Customer Contract File - Import
    • When importing a spreadsheet to update customer contract item records, the last column is a place holder with an X.  If this X column has the word DELETE instead of the X it will delete the customer contract item record.


NOTE: It is recommended to contact us to have your customer contract item file copied before erasing.