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Departments - O/E

Departments are used in Order Processing, Payroll and in the General Ledger.


The middle two digits of a General Ledger account number can be the departments.  However, Balance Sheet accounts cannot be departmentalized, only GL accounts that go on the Income Statement can use departments. Note:  GL Accounts cannot be designated with both divisions and departments.


1. Order Processing:


Departments are used mainly for reporting in Order Processing.


Field #8 on the front screen of a sales order is for the department.  This can be changed, based on which "department" the order goes to, which department took the order or however the department is being used.


In Order Processing some of the reports that use departments are:

  • Open Order Status Report (Task 9), Status by Order Number (Sub-task 1)
  • Open Order Status Report (Task 9), Open Order Status Report by Salesperson/Department (Sub-task 3)
  • Open Order Status Report (Task 9), Order Deposit List by Order Number (Sub-task 10)
  • Open Order Status Report (Task 9), Item by Done-by/Department/Class or Product Code (Sub-task 14)


One of the reports that use departments in Accounts Receivable is:

  • Sales Analysis (Task 10), Sales History Summary by Date/Department (Sub-task 12)



Departments are setup up in:

  • Order Processing (Module 6)

·       System Management Functions (Task 32)

§       Modify Application Tables (Sub-task 17)

·       Available Departments (Option 14)

·       Available Warehouse/Department Combinations (Option 15)

·       Default Terminals Warehouse/Departments (Option 7)




2. Payroll:


The middle two digits on General Ledger accounts can be changed to the employee department number for employee Additions and/or Deductions when interfacing Payroll to General Ledger (Sub-task 5, in Task 32 of Payroll).  This is controlled by a parameter setting in the payroll module.  Go to:

  • Payroll (Module 1)
    • System Management Function (Task 32)
      • Modify Parameter Files (Sub-task 22)
        • Look for Parameter:  DFLT'DEP=NY


Possible combination of answers for this parameter are:  YY, YN, NN or NY.

Should the middle 2 digits of the GL account number that represent the Deduction/Additions (from field #22 in Task 22) change to the employee department number?  If Yes, then use Y, if No then enter N.  The Deductions and Additions can act "independently" of one another.  The first letter represents the additions, the second letter represents the deductions.  Therefore, if the Additions are not to have the middle two digits changes to the department number, but the Deductions are, the parameter would be:  NY (N for Additions, Y for Deductions).  If both Additions and Deductions are to use the middle two digits for the departments, then the parameter should be set to:  YY.


The departments for Payroll are setup in:


  • Payroll (Module 1)
    • System Management Function (Task 32)
      • Modify Application Tables (Sub-task 17)
        • Department Definition Tables (Option 1)


The system allows for up to 50 departments.  NOTE:  Numbers 01 - 25 MUST be salary and 26-50 MUST be hourly.  Below are some examples:


"01" , "S - officer"

"02" , "S - manager"

"03" , "S - sales "

"04" , "S - office"

"05" , "S - plant "

"26" , "H - manager"

"27" , "H - sales "

"28" , "H - office"

"38" , "H - counter"

"39" , "H - clerk"



3. General Ledger:


A number of reports use "departments" in the General Ledger Module.  Examples are:

  • YTD Actual Numbers this Year (Task 15)
  • Budget/Prior Year Comparisons (Task 13)
  • G/L Trial Balance (Task 9)


There are parameters that determine Department Subtotals on the General Ledger Trial Balance report.  Go to:

  • General Ledger (Module 4)
    • System Management Functions (Task 32)
      • Modify Parameter Files (Sub-task 22)
        • GL Trial Balance Parameters (Option 2)
          • Look for: INI'DEPT'DESC=
          • Look for: INI'DEPT'SUBTOTAL'PRINT=



INI'DEPT'DESC is the name to use for department totals label.

INI'DEPT'SUBTOTAL'PRINT dictates printing that depends on division range.  Choices are:  All, >1 and blank.

  • ALL     = Print DEPARTMENT subtotals only if ALL divisions are requested
  • >1        = Print DEPARTMENT subtotals only if more than 1 division is requested
  • blank   = the default, system will prompt operator if DEPARTMENT subtotals should print