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Print Customer Sales Memo Notes on Documents

Parameters may be set to print the A/R Customer sales memo notes or O/E Alternate Ship-to sales memo notes on order documents.


To review this feature, look for the parameters in:

·       Order Processing (Module 6)

o      System Management (Task 32)

§       Modify Parameter Files (Sub-task 22)

·       O/E – General (Option 1)


(1) PRINT'CUS'MEMO=NNNNYY.print     Print the Customer Master sales memo notes on order document types if the memo line has the prefix as noted in the parameter (in this example it is:  .print).

The order document types are:

                        1=Sales & B/O            (new orders)

                        2=Sales & B/O            (new orders)

                        3=Shop                        (work orders)

                        4=Warehouse              (picking tickets)

                        5=Shipping                  (shippers)

                        6=Accounting              (invoices)


Each Y or N to the right of the = sign stands for a document type.  For example, the 6th position stands for invoices.  Therefore, if you want the A/R Customer Master sales memo notes to print on invoices only, the 6th character to the right of the = sign needs to be a Y.  If you want the A/R Customer Master sales memo notes to print on the shippers and invoices, the 5th & 6th positions to the right of the = sign both need to be a Y. 


To specify which lines in the A/R Customer Master sales memo notes to print on the documents with a Y, use the prefix to the right of the 6 document type positions.  In the example given the prefix is .print.  Therefore any memo note line starting with a period and the word print  (.print) will print on the order documents with a Y in the corresponding position.


An example of a Customer Master sales order memo note could be:   


Take orders only from Bob Smith or Rob Jones




The line which reads:  Take orders only from Bob Smith or Rob Jones may appear on the screen when entering a new sales order, but won’t print on the invoice (the parameter: SALES'MEMO= determines if the sales memo notes can beviewed/changed on a sales order)


The DELIVER TO 6TH FLOOR RECEPTIONIST line will print on shippers and invoices because it begins with .print and the Y’s in the 5th and 6th position on the parameter.


Note:  The memo prefix may be up to 7 characters.  A blank prefix after the parameter will cause every memo line to print on all order documents.





This works exactly the same as the parameter: PRINT'CUS'MEMO=






Customer #1 Division 01 sales department notes: 

Michigan Sales Tax going up to 6% on 10/01/12


Customer #2 Division 02 sales department notes:

We have a great service department for all of your machine service needs. Give us a call to setup a quote for a service contract.


HEADER'MEMO=YD                  ; Open order memo option switch

1st digit - is header memo used (Y/N)

2nd digit - preload order headers with C/D/anything else means not used. 

  • C=customer sales memo from the customer on the order to pickup their specific memo and allow editing to the specific order. 
  • D=lookup selling division # as a customer & use it's sales memo so you can have a customized memo by selling location.



Type a memo in the customer master record field 82 O/E Sales department notes.    All of the invoices for that division will automatically get the same memo notes printed on the invoices.


Using these 2 parameters can give 2 order memo notes on invoices;


Michigan Sales Tax going up to 6% on 10/01/12


-------Customer Notes----------

Deliver to Carol Duvall on 3rd floor.