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Task 19 - Alternate Ship-to File

Alternate shipping locations are added in:

  • Order Processing (Module 6)
    • Alternate Ship-to File (Task  19)


01. Customer# ______ The main Customer number


02. Shipto#______The Ship-to number (use 00000 for a single shipping location – whereas the main customer number is where the invoices and statements are sent, but not the material.  Do not use 0 if there are multiple shipping locations)

  • The list of the customer’s alternate ship-to locations will be displayed on the screen after the customer # is entered on the order.  The alternate ship-to location may be selected at this point. 
  • The alternate ship-to # may be selected on the shipping screen.
  • If the alternate ship-to # zero or 00000 is used it will automatically be used on all orders for the customer.  The list of alternate ship-to records won’t be displayed on the screen.  


03 through 09.  Enter the name and address for this ship-to


10. Phone_________ Telephone number


11. Fax #__________Fax Number


12. Slsperson _____   Salesperson number


13. Contact___________Person who is the contact at this Alternate Ship-to site


14. Ship via __ Pre-defined code


15. Ship route__Pre-defined code


16. Contract ? Y/N/C   Does this alternate ship-to use Contract pricing?  If it has it’s own individual pricing, answer Y; if it will get the same pricing as the main customer, answer C, if no contract pricing is allowed for this ship-to, answer N.


17. P.O. # _______Enter if a blanket PO number is used.


18: State Tax__ If taxable, enter Y; if non-taxable enter the exempt code from the pre-defined table.


19 through 21:  3 Tax Zones available for this ship-to




  • If the customer service module is on your system, all orders related to a serialized item should have the OWNER record on the order NOT the alternate ship-to record.  See Customer Service module for further information.