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Credit Card in Separate A/P G/L Account

This document explains how to print a report to make a manual journal entry each month to have the credit card vendors separate from the rest of your Accounts Payable in the G/L module. 


If this procedure is done each month, when balancing the A/P Aged Trial Balance to the G/L, the A/P Trade and the A/P Credit Card G/L accounts will need to be added together to match the A/P Aged Trial Balance.



Go to:

  • Accounts Payable (Module 3)
    • System management (Task 32)
      • Modify application tables (Sub-task 17)
        • Vendor type definitions (1)


This vendor type can be any alphanumeric, one character.  Below is an example of the type C as the Credit card type. 

“C” , “Credit Card”

a” , “Architect”

“1” , “Contractor”



Go to:

  • Accounts Payable (Module 3)
    • Vendor master (Task 17)
      • Change existing vendor record (Sub-task 2)
      • Bring up your credit card vendors & change field 12 vendor type
      • After the vendor type is (in this example C), set to the credit card type, any voucher posted after, will have this vendor type.



Month end report, go to:

  • Accounts Payable (Module 3)
    • Voucher history (Task 19)
      • Print selected Vch history records (Sub-task 4)
      • Starting Batch #: Enter key for ALL
      • Starting vendor #: Enter key for ALL
      • Starting vendor type: C in this example
      • Starting division #: Enter key for ALL
      • Starting & ending date: use the month just closed
      • Starting check #: Enter key for ALL
      • Starting voucher #: Enter key for ALL 
      • This report will give you a total of all vouchers & payments for the month, to all of your credit card type vendors.
      • Suppress detail records? YES or NO 
  • REGULAR ENTRIES  REGULAR TOTAL (NET CHANGE TO A/P): would be what was vouchered.   
  • PAID ENTRIES WITHIN DATE RANGE   PAID TOTAL (NET CHANGE TO CASH): would be the total of what was paid.


  • Using this report a manual journal entry can be made in the General Ledger (Module 4), Manual TRX entry & editing (Task 1). 





  • For this example we will say the Accounts Payable Trade General Ledger account is 301-00-01 A/P Trade, and the A/P Credit Cards is 302-00-01.
  • For this example we will say the Voucher history report printed in step 3, showed REGULAR ENTRIES  REGULAR TOTAL (NET CHANGE TO A/P):  $5,000.00
  • For this example we will say the Voucher history report printed in step 3, showed PAID ENTRIES WITHIN DATE RANGE  PAID TOTAL (NET CHANGE TO CASH): $4,000.00
  • The manual journal entry would be:
  • Debit A/P Trade 301-00-01 $5,000.00
    • Credit A/P Credit Card 302-00-01 $5,000.00
  • Debit A/P Credit Card 302-00-01 $4,000.00
    • Credit A/P Trade 301-00-01 $4,000.00