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Task 02 - Post Interface Transactions

In “Post interface transactions” the system prompts for the specific GL Interfaces to be generated, printed, obtained & posted. 


  • The selected interface transactions are posted directly into the G/L module.  No editing of the interface transactions is allowed.  To correct or change an interface transaction, after the interface transaction is posted, a manual journal entry will need to be entered & posted in Task 1 Manual TRX entry & editing.
    • A parameter needs to be set to determine the interface to be used in field #1, either Payroll or Order entry.  The parameter is found in 4/32/22/1. INI’INTERFACE’3=PR or OE
    • In order for any of the modules to be interfaced, the “Setup Automatic Interface” for the modules must be set to Y(es)….found in 4/32/5/2.
    • The interfaces printed in the individual modules will be over-written by the interfaces selected in this task.  
  • ‚ÄčA screen helps to prevent accidental double postings by allowing the user control over which interfaces will be generated, printed, obtained & posted for each batch.


                              Choose Interfaces to be posted

                            Last       Last        Obtain for
                         generated    posted        posting
         Interface          for         for           now?
   --------------------- ---------   ---------    -----------
1. Payroll.............. 10/31/xx    10/14/xx     P/R (Y/N) N
2. Accounts receivable.. 10/31/xx    10/31/xx     A/R (Y/N) Y  receivables
3. Accounts payable..... 10/31/xx    10/31/xx     A/P (Y/N) Y  payables

4. Post the selected interfaces to G/L period:  10       10/01/xx to 10/31
5. Assign a posting date within period 10 of:   10/31/xx
6. Transaction date range: 10/01/xx to 10/31/xx
7. Transaction division range: ALL

Any changes?


  • Fields 1 through 3:
    • Answer Y (yes) to generate, print, obtain, and post the interface.
    • Answer N (no) to prevent an interface from being added to the current batch.
      • This allows modules to be posted separately.
    • The cursor will not go to a line that has been disabled in GL task #32; Sub-task 5 – “Setup automatic interface”


  • Field 4:
    • Enter the period number where the interfaces should be posted. A pop-up window appears to show date ranges for each period and highlights the current period.


  • Field 5:
    • Enter the posting date that should be applied to all the interface entries in the current batch.


  • Field 6:
    • Enter the date range for the selected interface transactions.


  • Field 7:
    • Enter the division # range (or ALL) for the selected interfaces.



  • If the Accounts Payable interface is selected an additional question is asked: Include previously interfaced vouchers? Y or N.
    • Answer Yes to get ALL records for the selected transaction date range, even if they have been obtained into the G/L module previously.
    • Answer No to get only vouchers and payments for the selected transaction date range, which have NOT previously been obtained into the G/L module. (i.e. back-dated vouchers for a closed month… records that showed up automatically on an interface because of prior dates)



The “Last generated for” column will be blank until new interfaces are generated for the first time.  Then the date when the last time the GL Interface was generated will appear.


The “Last posted for” column will show the posting date used the last time this module’s interface was obtained.



IMPORTANT NOTE: The posting will be rejected if a selected interface has any unknown G/L account #’s.  The unknown G/L account #’s will need to be corrected in the individual module maintenance history files. Pay attention to any messages on the screen for unknown G/L account #’s so corrections can be made.