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Bill-of-Material Post Item Assembly Without Production Orders

This document explains how to post production without the scheduled production order.



  • The B-O-M should have already been built in I/C (Module 5), Bill-Of-Materials (Task 28), Bill-of-materials maintenance (Subtask 1) BOMMNT, Enter new Bill-mat record (Sub-task 1).


See document:

Bill-of-Material - Setup - Manufacturing or Production


  • Inventory Control (Module 5)
    • Bill-Of-Materials (Task 28)
      • Enter/Post item assembly (w/o production orders) ASMENT (Subtask 5)
        • Enter (ADD) new assembly
          • 01. Item #      :__________________
          • 02. Warehouse # :
          • 03. Qty produced:
          • 04. Date of prd.:


This is very simple.  Type in the item # of the parent item, the warehouse #, quantity produced and date they were produced.


After the new assembly is entered it will stay in the Item assembly entry & editing until posted.  Before it is posted the sub-tasks 2 Change, 3 Delete, 4 Print edit list, 6 Erase all & 7 Adjust size may be used. 


Posting the item assembly updates the:

  • Production history maintenance PIHMNT (Sub-task 10)
  • Warehouse master quantities for the parent & component items


Posting the production does NOT automatically update any costs or prices.