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Customer Service Field Transfers

When a serialized item is sold & the invoice is posted out of the holding file to A/R,

Some of the information is transferred to the customer service module, Machine master (Task 18):


O/E                                                                  C/S Machine Master

Item #                                                              Field 02 Item number

Field 20 Year: 2 characters                            Field 03 Year/descr: first 2 characters

Serialized Item description                             Field 03 Year/descr: after the year

NOTE: The customer service, Machine Master (Task 18), field 03 Year/descr: first 2 characters is the year, then a space, then the item description.


For example when an item # item #100-OCE COPIER is sold with the Item description: PLOTWAVE 300, Serial #: 51811, field 20 on shipping screen is the year 11.  The customer service module, Machine master (Task 18) will have the following fields:

01 Serial#: 51811

02 Item number: 100OCE COPIER

03 Year/descr: 11 PLOTWAVE 300



When in O/E & you copy the owner & serial # information onto a service order, the customer service module transfers the serial # information from the Machine master (Task 18) to the shipping screen of the order:


C/S Machine Master fields                             O/E Shipping screen fields

02 Item number:  drops first 3 digits               Field 22 Model: (15 characters)

03 Year/descr: YEAR/2 digits                        Field 20 Year: (2 characters)

03 Year/descr: characters after year               Field 21 Make: (8 characters) 


Using the above example:

02 Item number:  100 OCE COPIER               Field 22 Model: OCE COPIER

03 Year/descr: 11 PLOTWAVE 300              Field 20 Year: 11

Field 21 Make: PLOTWAVE