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Finding Owner Information in O/E



When in Order Entry & Editing (Task 1 in O/E), Enter New/Change Existing Order (Sub-task 1) and the cursor is at field “1. Order #:”  options may be selected from the box on the screen.  F3 key is for Owner inquiry.  A new box will come up prompting:  “Please enter owner #:  If the owner # is known,  simply type it in.  If not, the bottom of the screen displays three function keys that may used to search for the owner. 

F1 key – name search

F2 key – phone # search

F3 key – serial # search

When the owner’s name, address and phone # is on the screen, the system will prompt:   “Right entry?: Y.  Press the Enter key if this is the correct owner.  If this owner has any existing serialized machines in the customer service module a list of these will appear on the screen.