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Message - Memo Box / File Full


Occasionally a message will occur relating to an error in the Memo Box or Memo File being full.  The basic procedure for checking/fixing memo box errors is to:


1.  Back-out all other users to main module list (the process requires exclusive use of the memo file AND the data file it is based in)


2.  Choose appropriate module (i.e. Accounts Receivable, Order entry, etc.) and the appropriate company number (if multiple companies exist)


3.  Go to:

  • System Management Functions (Task 32)
    • Memo File Maintenance (Sub-task 23)
      • "Select Memo File:" ‑ choose appropriate file from on‑screen list
      • "Action to perform:" ‑ select "Rebuild memo file" -- #4
      • "Do you wish to see results of rebuild" ‑ answer Yes to see which records (i.e. customers, orders) had errors or No if there is no need to see it. (the system automatically exits back to the subtask menu when complete)


4.  Then, while still in Memo File Maintenance (Sub-task 23), perform the following:

  • "Select Memo File:" ‑ choose same file as selected from above

  • "Action to perform:" ‑ select "Adjust memo file size" -- #3

  • Review # of records in file and minimum required.  If minimum is close to the number in the file (i.e. file is almost full) then expand the file as needed.  If file is not close to full, then use left arrow to exit.



5.  Return to where the original memo error occurred and check to see if the error has been corrected. If not then repeat the above procedure a second time.  If the second attempt does not correct the problem, then fax in a software support request with the appropriate information.