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Checklist - G/L Month End

This is a basic check list for the monthly General Ledger procedures, see document titled G/L Month-End Closing Procedures.  This is based on posting the Interfaces from each module only once per month and also obtaining the Recurring J/E at the month end.  You need to decide the best process for your company and create a G/L Check List for yourself.


The individual modules, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable, have their own set of month-end balancing procedures, spreadsheets, reports and check lists.  Those should be followed and completed before these procedures are started. See documents titled:



In General Ledger (Module 4):


Step 1:

  • ________Post Interface Transactions (Task 2), P/R (if applicable), A/P and A/R


Step 2:

  • ________Manual TRX Entry & Editing (Task 1).  Verify that the Header and Detail record count is zero
  • ________Manual TRX Entry & Editing (Task 1), Obtain recurring journal entries (Sub-task 9).
    • ________Make corrections and changes to the recurring journal entries (Sub-task 2) Change existing transaction.
  • ________Add other miscellaneous journal entries using: Manual TRX Entry & Editing (Task 1 ), Enter (ADD) New Transaction (Sub-task 1)
  • ________In Manual TRX Entry & Editing (Task 1), print the transaction edit list (Sub-task 4), for all transactions.  Verify all transactions correct.
  • ________In Manual TRX entry & Editing (Task 1), Post transaction records to G/L files (Sub-task 5). Type in YES at the prompts and save posting.



Step 3:

·         ________Print the GL Trial Balance (Task 9)

·         ________Print the Financial Statements (Task 10)

·         ________Verify Accounts Receivable G/L account

·         ________Verify Accounts Payable G/L account

·         ________Verify checking account

·         ________Other

·         ________Other