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Vendor "On-Hold"

Vendor on Hold:  using the word HOLD on the Payment/Billing Terms assigned to a vendor will prevent a voucher from being entered for a vendor.  Depending on the setup of the Payment/Billing Terms table this may prevent a new Purchase Order from being entered or it may also prevent a payment to the vendor.      

The Vendor Payment Terms are set up in the Purchasing module.  Go to:

  • Purchase Order (Module 7)
    • System Management Functions (Task 32)
      • Modify Application Table (Sub-task 17)
        • Payment/Billing Term Table (Option 4)


Note:  The word HOLD must be in Capital Letters and used in part of the description for the payment term.  The term must then be placed on the Vendor’s Master File (found in AP. Task 17, field 24)

  • Columns D,E,F are used only when the terms description column is HOLD
  • Column D - Allow new PO's?
    • Y(yes)
    • N(no)
    • W(warn but allow)
  • Column E - Allow new vouchers?
    • Y(yes)
    • N(no)
    • W(warn but allow)
    • C(credits only)-C means normal vouchers not allowed.
  • Column F - Allow new payments?
    • Y(yes)
    • N(no)
    • W(warn but allow)


An example of a “Hold” Payment term is

;#     Description                A   B    C  D E F

;-     --------------------        --    --    --  -   -  -

"1" , "End of month            1 MM 31           "

"A" , "Credit due, HOLD                  N N Y" 


In the above example the payment terms A, will not allow new purchase orders, or new vouchers, but it will allow payments.