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Redistribution Template for G/L Accounts

A template can be created that will redistribute, via an automatically created Manual GL Entry, the amount in a posted GL account into one or more other GL accounts based on a percentage.   For example, everything for automobile expense is put into one GL account when vouchered in A/P, then it has been decided to redistribute the amount into various departments based on a specified percentage or has been decided to create new, more specific GL accounts and the dollar amount should be redistributed.


Go to: 

  • General Ledger (Module 4)
    • Manual TRX Entry & Editing (Task 1)
      • Automated templates (Sub-task 8)
        • Redistribution Templates Entry & Editing  (Sub-task 1) See below                    
        • Create Manual Entries from Redistribution Templates (Sub-task 2)  See below


Sub-task #1:

the fields on 1st screen --

1. From G/L acct #  -   enter GL account number redistributing FROM (i.e. 701-00-01 Auto/Truck Expense)

2. Template name    -   when ‘creating’ entries, range can be by Template Name

3. To Source           -   is this an AP based entry, GL based, etc.  Informational field

4. To Reference      -   a 30 alphanumeric space for a description.  Informational field



the fields on the 2nd screen are the GL accounts redistributed TO--

    Account #   Description                                         Percent                       

1  704-00-01   AUTO/TRUCK - LEASING               40.00

2  703-00-01   AUTO/TRUCK - MAINT/REPAIR   15.00

3  755-00-01   AUTO/TRUCK – FUEL                      45.00



Selection #2:  once the ‘template’ is entered in Option #1, the entries need to be created, below is the layout of the first in-put screen

Apply these templates:                                               START            END

            1. Template account #. . .                                7010001          7010001__


            2. Division numbers. . . .                                 ALL


To these posted transactions:

            3. Transaction dates . . .                                  01/01/xx          01/31/xx


            4. Batch numbers . . . . .                                   ALL


            5. Show help screens? [Y/N] These screens give step-by-step instructions on how to use, set-up and the end-result – which is an entry in Manual TRX Entry & Editing (Task 1, Sub-task 1 in the GL module).  The entry then needs to be posted into the General Ledger using Task #4.