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*** 2016 FICA, MEDICARE, FUTA amounts are unchanged from 2015 ***

Please note: Some of the comments below regarding setting/resetting amounts for W2 & year-end reports would only apply to if there had been a change but are left here for consistency with prior years. It is still a good practice to double check those values.



Before running a payroll for a new calendar year (2016), the MTD, QTD and YTD (from 2015) on the employees’ records must be cleared out.  Running the Clear YTD, QTD, MTD Emp/Recurring­ program does this.  Go to:

  • Payroll (Module 1)
    • System Management Functions (Task 32)
      • Clear YTD, QTD, MTD Emp/Recurring (Sub-task 3)



Clearing these fields will not interfere with the running of W-2s for 2015, since the information for the W-2s come from the Payroll History. Note:  If these fields are not cleared, the current year’s wages (2016) that print on the check stub will also include the wages from the prior year (2015).


  • Also note that the FICA Maximum for 2016 has NOT changed:
    • 2016 $118,500.00
    • 2015 $118,500.00
    • See below the change needed in field 5.  Unless you have an employee who is going to exceed the $118,500.00 before the 2015 W2’s are printed, then this change can be made after your W2’s are printed.
  • The FICA employee tax rate for social security is still 6.2% as it was in 2015.   
  • The FICA employer tax rate for social security stayed the same as 2015 at 6.2%.


FICA fields are found in:

  • Payroll (Module 1)
    • System Management Functions (Task 32)
      • Update P/R Execution Parameters (Sub-task 4)
        • Field 5: FICA Maximum: 118,500.00
        • Field 6: FICA employee %:  6.20
        • Field 7: FICA employer %:  6.20]




ADDITIONAL NOTE:  Field 5: FICA Maximum needs to be the 2015 amount of $118,500.00 when the 2015 W2’s are printed and when the payroll reports are printed for the 2015 4th quarter.



Verify the 2016 FUTA % & maximum:

  • Payroll (Module 1)
    • System Management Functions (Task 32)
      • Update P/R Execution Parameters (Sub-task 4)
        • Field 20 Fed unemp max: 7000.00
        • Field 21 Fed unemp pct: 0.60  (which is net of 6% - 5.4% max credit. You must verify this is applicable to your particular state & situation)



  • If your state has an unemployment maximum and an unemployment % you may need to update field 22 & 23.  Verify with your state website or your accountant.