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Task 01 - Sales Entry & Editing

Sales are mainly handled through the Order Processing Module. This task is used in three instances:

  1. Credit/Debit memos used to clean up Accounts Receivable balances or correcting wrong invoice dates as long as the adjustments have no affect on inventory or if customer needs a hard copy as you will not get a hard copy of the credit/debit memo in this task.  Enter a credit memo* using the exact dollar amounts (everything identical on the original invoice: date, amounts - sales, freight, tax -, apply-to the original invoice, GL distribution, etc.) and enter a debit memo with the corrected information. Print an edit list (sub-task 4) and post** (sub-task 5).
  2. Correcting invoices for sales tax issues - to get the sales tax information correct for sales tax liability reports, enter a credit memo* using the exact dollar amounts (put in sales $, tax $ & T=taxable, apply-to original invoice, use same GL numbers) and then enter a debit memo for the correct amount (put in sales $, N=exempt, use correct GL numbers). Remember, no hard copies are printed. Print an edit list (sub-task 4) & post** (sub-task 5).
  3. Enter historic open invoices in the system for system conversion (going "live"). Remember to print an edit list and post**Before entering Historic open invoices review the document "Before Beginning AR Module" as it lists all the codes that must be set-up prior to enter customers, which must be set-up before the historical invoices can be added through this task.

* CREDIT MEMO :For ease of tracking, enter credit and debit memo numbers that reference the original invoice number. Do Not Use a number that will be automatically generated by the system in Order Processing. Example: original invoice number is 256590, use 25651 for the credit memo number and 25652 for the debit memo.

**POST: The system prompts with "Posting of Sales Header Records O.K.? (Yes/No).

If you answer Yes, the information from Sales Entry and Editing will post to the following files:

  1. Customer Master File
  2. A/R Open Items
  3. Sales History
  4. Distribution History
  5. Batch Control


 If you answer No, a message will appear stating the system is restoring the files. Let the process finish without interruption. This process takes the posted information back out of the files it was posted to and puts it back into Sales Entry & Editing. The sales posting journal will print automatically any ways, so therefore save & mark it:  REJECTED POSTING.


If you find a mistake AFTER the posting is complete:

  1. DO NOT MAKE ANY CHANGES IN ANY OF THE MASTER FILES. This will cause inconsistencies with other related files and create imbalances.
  2. Make corrections with adjusting debit and credit memos in Enter New Sales Records (sub-task #1). Each mistake should have two entries: the first one should be EXACT reversal of the incorrect document, the second one should be the corrected document.   Print the edit list and post**.


**POST: The system prompts with "Posting of Sales Header Records O.K.? (Yes/No).