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Accounts Receivable


A/R - Direct Deposit


A/R Account in G/L and A/R Aged Trial Balance "Balancing to Each Other"


A/R Debit - Credit Memo Adjustments


A/R End of Month "Display Total Value of A/R Open" is Incorrect


A/R End of Month Checklist


A/R End of Month Reports & Procedures


A/R Fiscal Late Year End


A/R Fiscal Year End Clear Customer Fields


A/R Fiscal Year End Procedures


A/R Sarbanes Oxley Compliance


A/R to G/L Interface - Invalid or Unknown Account


A/R to G/L Interface - Task 32, Sub-task 4


A/R to G/L Interface Does not Equal the Sales or Cash Postings


A/R to G/L Interface Imbalances


Aging Methods


Alternative Credit Card Processing Fees


American Express Used to Receive a Payment


Apply Credit Memo or Unapplied Payment


Applying Corporate Payments to Customer Account


Auditing A/R and O/E Reports


Automatic E-mailing Failure to Customer


Average Days to Pay Report


Backtracking a Computer Generated Credit Memo


Bad Debt Write-offs


Balancing A/R $ Received with A/P Check Account


Balancing Accounts Receivable Daily and Monthly


Balancing Accounts Receivable Daily Spreadsheet example


Before Beginning A/R Module




Cash Receipts "Total Amount received" MUST Equal Deposits


Cash/Receipts Back-out/Reversal


Cash/Receipts Entry & Editing - Multiple Users


Charity Donations


Check Posted to Wrong Customer Account


Clear A/R Accounts Mid-Month


Cleared AR Invoices, DM, CM & Payments




Cost Savings from E-mailing Statements


Credit Cards Deposited into Separate Checking Account


Credit Limit - Customer Master


Credit Memo - Determine Origin


Credit Memo Used on Different A/R Account


Customer Master Fields


Customer Pre-defined Fields


Daily Activity Checklist for Check Received in the Mail and A/R Adjustments


Daily Activity Checklist for Order Entry Documents and Over-the-counter Payments


Deposits in Separate Bank Account for One Division


Discrepancies Between Aging Reports


Discrepancy Between Total Value of A/R Open and A/R Aged Trial Balance


Duplicate Customer Numbers


E-mailing or Faxing Invoices


E-mailing or Faxing Statements


Entering Beginning Balance


Export Trial Balance


Extract Email Address from Customer Memo Notes


Finance Charge Spreadsheet


Form Letter Collection


Import into the Customer Master


Inactive Customers


Incorrect Date on an Invoice


Incorrect Date on Cash Posting


Intercompany Transfers


Interface A/R to G/L More Than Once a Month


Miscellaneous Cash Received or Paid Out (Non-A/R Cash)


Negative and Positive Payments


New/Inactive Business


Non-Sufficient Fund (NSF) Returned Check - Charge Customer


Non-Sufficient Fund (NSF) Returned Checks Retail COD Walk-in Customer


Open Order Field in Customer Master Record


Overpayment by Customer


Payment Posted to Wrong Customer Account


Payment Posted Twice to Same Account


Purged/Cleared A/R Records on Customer's Account


Record Finance Charge in Separate A/R Account


Refund a Customer Overpayment (by check)


Refund Credit Card Deposit


Reprint Invoices


Reprint Invoices Along with Statements


Reversal of Finance Charges - Automatically


Reversal of Finance Charges - Manual


Sales Entry and Editing (Task 1) – Fields and Reporting


Sales Tax - Zone Tax Reporting and Auditing


Sales Tax by Item


Sales Tax Credit - Order Entry


Sales Tax Credit Through A/R


Sales Tax Reporting and Auditing


Sales Tax vs Zone Tax


Sales Tracking - 'Net of Discounts Allowed'


Statement Discounts


Statement Discounts - Credit Sales Tax and Accrue Discounts


Statements - How the Discount is Calculated


Summary Billing


Task 01 - Sales Entry & Editing


Task 02 - Cash Receipts Entry & Editing


Task 02 - Cash Receipts Entry & Editing Multiple Users


Task 03 - Changing Apply-To Numbers


Task 04 - Finance Charges


Task 05 - Changing Advance Collections to Payments


Task 06 - Recalculate Customer File Aging


Task 09 - Aged Trial Balance


Task 10 - Sales Analysis


Task 12 - Preparing Monthly Statements


Task 17 - Entering a New Customer


Task 18 A/R Open Items


Task 23 - Tax Zones


Task 24 - Cleared A/R History


Task 27 - Customer Account Inquiry


Tax Zone Exceptions


Third Party Billing


Tracking Collection Calls


Write Off Over/Under Payments