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A/R Sarbanes Oxley Compliance

Module Control Rule Requirement  Our Solution
Inventory: INV 4: Inventory GL account is reconciled monthly with the sub-ledger monthly.  Provide copies of the Inventory account reconciliation for the months selected. Examine the reconciliation to be sure it agrees to the Inventory sub-ledger and G/L. On Website: see document InventoryControl/Reports Month End Analysis
  INV 6: Approve all inventory adjustment J/E and supporting documentation. Verify the J/E created to adjust the G/L inventory to the actual physical count. Print: G/L Trial Balance for Inventory account using Transaction ID.  Module 4/Task 9
AP/Purchasing: AP 1: Restricted access to Vendor Master File Provide a listing of all personnel with access to the vendor master file.    
  AP 1: Additions to the Vendor Master File. Provide a listing of all new additions to the Vendor Master File for a specified period.   Print: Vendor Master file by Starting/Ending Entry Date. Module 3/Task 17/Sub-task 4
  AP 10: Invoices without a supporting P.O. Provide a list of all processed invoices not supported by a PO.   
  AP 11: Open Items Not Invoiced accrual J/E A copy of the Open Items Not Invoiced J/E with supporting documentation. Print: Received Items (no invoice) and Shipped-back Items (no credit)  Module 7/Tasks 22 & 23/Sub-task 4.
  AP 13: Packet of Invoice, Purchase Order and Receiving Report all match. 1. Provide a list of all AP invoices paid supported by Purchase Orders.
2. A copy of the Invoice, Purchase Order and Receiving Report.
  AP 18: A/P sub ledger is reconciled monthly to the G/L. Provide A/P reconciliation. On Webiste: see document Month End/Year End / AP Monthly Closing, Procedures and Checklist
  AP 19: Personnel with access to A/P system are not authorized to sign checks. Provide list of personnel that have access to the A/P system & provide signature card for A/P checking account  
  AP 25:  Approval for AP Voucher packages 1. Provide a list of checks disbursed for a specified time
2. A copy of the voucher packages for the checks selected. 
Print: Voucher History by Check.  Module 3/Task 14
  AP 26:  A list of checks larger than $10,000 A list of all disbursed AP checks with a value greater than $10,000.    
  AP 31: Restricted access to A/P Provide a list of all personnenl with access to the A/P menu.  
A/R AR 1: Additions to the Customer Master file. List of all new additions to the Customer Master file.   Print:  Customer Master file by Entry Date.  Module 2/Task 17/Sub-task 4
  AR 3: Changes in pricing set-up require approval from the General Manager or Branch Manager. Provide a list of all subsequent changes to pricing set-ups.  Print:  A/R Customer Audit for basic price level changes.
  AR 10: Access is restricted to the billing module with a password Provide a list of all users who have access to the billing module.   
  AR 11: Billing exception reports Provide a copy of the billing exceptions report. Print: Item Price Change Audit by Invoice Number and Item Number.  Found in Module 6/Task 16/report IHSCHG
  AR 14: Invoices reflect the work performed. Provide a list of all invoices processed during a specified period.  Provide copies of invoice and related Work Order paperwork. Print:  Sales History report by date.  Module 2/ Task 19/ Sub-task 4
  AR 18: Invoices processed with price exceptions in excess of $1,500 List and copy of all invoices processed with price exceptions in excess of $1,500  
  AR 20: FM invoices with supporting documentation. List and copy of "FM" invoices, with supporting documentation. Providing FM's are setup as divisions/locations or in a 'range' of customer number, print:  Sales History report.  Module 2/Task 19/Sub-task 4.
  AR 21: FM Invoices and billing reconciliation Copy of the FM billing reconciliation and related invoices with supporting documentation.  
  AR 23: The  General Manager and CEO approve all FM contracts. List of new FM contracts during a specified period.   If FMs set up as customer #, print: Customer Master file by Entry Date & Customer Number. Module 2/Task 17/Sub-task 4 
  AR 27: Cash Receipts reconciled daily. Cash receipts reconciliation with supporting documentation Print:  Cash History report by date.  Module 2/Task 20/Sub-task 4  or Sales History report by Document Type #2 (Cash Receipts) by Date  Modle 2/Task 19/Sub-task 4
  AR 29: AR Adjustments Provide a list of all A/R adjustments for a selected period and provide copies of the AR adjustments Print:  Cash History report by G/L account.   Module 2/Task20/Sub-task 4.
  AR 30: Past due receivables are reviewed to determine the adequacy of the reserve balance. Provide list of past due receivables Print: Past Due Customer Analysis.  Module 2/Task 9/Sub-task 6
  AR 31: Approval for A/R write-offs  Provide a list of A/R write-offs.    
Cash Management CHS 1: Bank reconciliations are reconciled monthly. Provide a copy of the bank reconciliations with supporting documentation.    
  CHS 2: Check run accuracy is reviewed Checks are pre-numbered.  Entire sequence of checks is accounted for, including voids, rejected, missing checks.  No check numbers fall outside a specified range or changes or breaks in sequence wouthout documentation. Print: Check History. Module 3/Task 20/sub-task 4.
General GC:07  List of users for financial applications System generated lists of user accounts from financially significant application (report should include user id, employee number, employee name and access rights). This should come from an internally maintained list which combines user ID information from the computer (server) and HR employee information.  The server administrator can provide a beginning user ID list.  Changes and additions should be tracked from then on as they occur.
  GC-07B User Passwrod requrements Set Password and lockout setting SCO, Unix servers refer to the /etc/default/password file
  GC:08  List of new hires for a period System generated list of new hires and user accounts created in the period (report should include user id, employee number, employee name, date of hire and department).  This should come from an internally maintained list which tracks the changes and additions as they occur during the period.
  GC:22  List of changes in financial applications List of all changes to the financially significant applications and related infrastructure (if possible - system generated) This should come from internal change/support request records + update & enhancement lists provided by M.V. during the prior period. 
  GC:22  List of emergency changes to financial applications. List of all emergency changes to the financially significant applications and related infrastructure (if possible - system generated). This should come from internal change/support request records 
Fixed Assets FA 2:  List of Fixed Assets Provide a list of Fixed Assets processed during a specified period.   Print: Trial Balance for Fixed Asset accounts. Module 4/Task 9/ Sub-task 4
Month Closing: MGC 2: Chart of Accounts access is adequately restricted and any changes to the chart are reviewed by CEO Provide a listing of all personnel with access to Chart of Accounts.  Provide a listing of all changes to the Chart of Accounts.  Controller to provide a copy of the changes.    
   MGC 5: Journal entries are accurate, approved by Controller and someone other than Controller.  Provide a listing of all J/E posted during the selected period. Provide copies of the J/E with supporting documentation. Postings from AR, AP, GL.  Interface reports.
  MGC 8: Journal entries a Provide a month-end J/E checklist. Compare the checklist to the J/E to ensure all J/E were entered & posted.  
  MGC 15:  G/L posting access is restricted and has a password Provide a listing of all personnel who has the ability to post to the G/L.    
  MGC 16: Reconciliations are performed monthly and any variances are reconciled and explained. Provide account reconciliation.   
  MGC 17: The Controller and CEO sign the monthly closing checklist. Provide the monthly closing checklist.   
*Payroll PAY 2: List of New Employees A list of new hires for a specified time Print Employee Senority list by date range.  Module 1/Task 13/Sub-task 2
For companies using the Payroll system PAY 2.1: Restricted access to Payroll Master file Provide a list of users who have access to the payroll system  
  PAY 2.1: Pay rate changes Provide a list of employees who have received pay increases during a specified period.  
  PAY 4: Timecards  Provide a list of timecards processed for payroll  
  PAY 7: Payroll registers are reviewed prior to distribution. Provide a copy of the payroll register for specified dates Postings from Payroll and Payroll History reports (module 1/Task 14)
  PAY 11: Payroll reconciliations are performed monthly   Provide the payroll account reconciliations for specified months.  
  PAY 11: 2. Accrued payroll  Accrual payroll and payroll related liabilities posted to the G/L Print Trial Balance for Payroll accounts.
  PAY 12: Vacation liability accrued Monthly J/E to adjust vacation liability