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A/R to G/L Interface - Task 32, Sub-task 4


This option does not affect any of the A/R files, so it can be printed at any time. The reports pulls its information from the history files:

Cash information is taken from the Cash History. 

Total Net Sales (the debit amount in A/R Trade) is taken from the Sales History.

Sales Revenue (the credit amount in Sales) is taken from the Distribution History.

If the Cost is going through A/R to G/L, then the credit to the inventory accounts and the debit to the cost of sales accounts come from the Distribution History.

The last page bottom line debits and credits should equal each other.

There should NOT be any unknown G/L accounts.  See A/R to G/L Interface - Invalid or Unknown Accounts.

  • General Ledger (Module 4)
    • Post interface transactions (Task 2)
      • This task also prints the A/R to G/L interface. 
      • This task will obtain and post all the debits and credits on the interface into the G/L module.
      • The system prompts for beginning and ending date.
      • The report is also one of the A/R month end balancing reports