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Interface A/R to G/L More Than Once a Month

Step 1: Go to the GL module Task #2 "Post interface transactions". 


                              Choose Interfaces to be posted

                            Last       Last        Obtain for
                         generated    posted        posting
         Interface          for         for           now?
   --------------------- ---------   ---------    -----------
1. Payroll.............. 04/30/xx    04/30/xx     P/R (Y/N) N
2. Accounts receivable.. 05/17/xx    05/17/xx     A/R (Y/N) receivables
3. Accounts payable..... 04/30/xx    04/30/xx     A/P (Y/N) N

4. Post the selected interfaces to G/L period:  05       05/01/xx to 05/31/xx
5. Assign a posting date within period 05 of:   05/25/xx
6. Transaction date range: 05/18/xx to 05/25/xx
7. Transaction division range: All

Any changes?


  • Fields 1 & 3 answer N
  • Field 2: answer Y to obtain the A/R to G/L interface.  (A new A/R to G/L interface from the A/R module will be generated and printed.)
  • Field 4:  Enter the period number where the interfaces should be posted. In this example it would be period 5.  A pop-up window appears to show date ranges for each period and highlights the current period.  Make sure the period is the correct month & year. 
  • Field 5: Enter the posting date that should be applied to the obtained A/R transactions.  In the example it would be 05/25/xx.
  • Field 6: Enter a date range of A/R transactions to be posted.  for the ‘start date’ the date after the last time the interface was posted (i.e. if last ran for May 10 through May 17, use May 18th as the new starting date), with the ‘ending date’ being the last date to be included in the Interface.  Note:  If the Interface is ran for dates that have already been ‘Obtained’ & “Posted’ in the GL, the data will be duplicated.
  • Field 7: Enter a division range of A/R transactions to be posted.  Blank means ALL.

The A/R interface report will print.


  • The Sales Total figure (NET SALE FROM SALES HISTORY) from the AR to GL Interface – the debit amount -- must equal the totals from the Sales Posting registers for the same date range.     Note: may use total from each division separately or summary of all divisions from the last page.
  • The credit figure to AR from the AR to GL Interface (TOTAL CASH PLUS DISCOUNT ALLOWED) must equal the TOTAL CHANGE TO AR  figure from the Cash Postings for the same date range.
  • Also check the last page of the Interface.  The DIV. SALES & CASH TOTALS debits and credits must be equal.  Also look for any ‘unknown’ accounts on the Interface…If there are any, go back to the Inventory item and fix it.


The G/L posting register will print. 

  • Verify the debit and credit amounts to the Accounts Receivable GL number are the same and correct.
  • Make sure there are NO errors on the screen.
  • Make sure there isn't anything "Out of Balance" on the screen
  • Answer YES to "Posting of G/L Records OK?"
  • When posted, we suggest that you save the AR to GL Interface ALONG with the posting register so if needed you can verify which dates were previously used (the AR to GL Interface has dates printed at the top of it).   The figures from the GL posting and the AR to GL interface must be the same.



Step 2.  Verify that ending balance in GL’s AR account is correct.  Do this by comparing the Display total value of A/R open  (found in AR Module; Task 32; Sub-task 1) to the AR balance using the GL Trial Balance report for just the GL Account Receivable account.


  • If these two figures don’t balance:  Go to YTD Master (Task 20 in GL module), view or print, for the date(s) range, the AR GL account and checking all ‘types’ looking for a type other than “I” for Interface.  If another ‘type’ is for the amount you are ‘off’, investigate why it’s in the AR account in the GL.
  • If the discrepancy can’t be found in the GL, go to AR and print a Sales History (Task 19 in AR module) for date(s) range in question.   The Grand Total Invoice amount should equal the total debits from the AR Trial Balance for the same dates. If the amounts don’t match, check the Sales History report for the amount of the discrepancy.   If the Sales History amount is more, enter a manual GL journal entry to correct (debit AR and credit sales or discount or C of Sales or whatever account you see fit).  If Sales History is less, enter a manual GL journal entry that credits AR and debit Sales, discount or whatever account you see fit.
  • If still can’t find discrepancy, print the Cash History (Task 20 in AR module) for the date range in question.  Compare the ‘Total change to AR’ from the report to the credits on the GL Trial Balance account for AR.  If Cash History is more than the credit amount in the AR account, make a manual GL entry (debit cash account & credit AR), if Cash History is less than the credits in AR account, make a manual GL entry (debit AR and credit cash).


NOTE: when the above situations occur it’s usually because a transaction (cash or sales) was posted in AR after the AR to GL Interface was obtained and posted.  And usually it’s because of the dates that were used in the Interface and posting.