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New/Inactive Business

If you need to isolate new business, or determine customers you have not sold to in a while (inactivity) it can be done by running one of two reports:  OHSMTD (Month-to-Date Sales by Salesperson or Open-by / Customer) and ASPIRE(MTD/YTD/GL Subgroup Sales by Salesperson or Open-by /Customer.  These reports are in the Order Processing module.


OHSMTD:  This reports shows month-to-date order history sales for a selected period and year-to-date history for the current year and the equivalent periods from the previous year, along with sales variance for each period.   Selected Report Classes can be excluded from the report.   In addition to selecting customers by ‘Entry Date’ (the date they became your customer…this date is found on the Customer Master - Task 17 in the A/R module) to limit the report to New Customers entered during the current year, you can also specify an ‘Inactivity Window’ of zero to 12 months.

For example, choosing a window of 6 months will cause the report to identify customers that have sales in the current period of the report but had zero activity in each of the last six month of the prior fiscal year, this in effect reports ’new business’ from existing customers that were considered inactive.

The report will show sales for customers meeting either condition when you choose both an entry date range and an inactivity window.


ASPIRE:    This report shows order history sales for a selected period and year-to-date.  This report also allows for the exclusion of selected Report Classes and you have the option of using the salesperson currently assigned to the customer or to use the actual salesperson from the invoice history.  You can also specify an ‘Inactivity Window’ of zero to 12 months

Using both 'entry date' and 'inactivity window' together represents 'New business'.  i.e. customers that meet EITHER condition.