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Discrepancy Between Total Value of A/R Open and A/R Aged Trial Balance


If a discrepancy is discovered between the Display Total Value of A/R Open (Task 32, sub-task 1 in the A/R module) and the total on an Aged Trial Balance (Task 9, sub-task 3 in the A/R module), follow the instructions below.


1. Print the A/R Open Item report, go to:

  • Accounts Receivable (Module 2)
    • A/R Open Items (Task 18)
      • Print Selected Open-Item Records (Sub-task 4)

Select ALL batches and customer types; print the report by #2 – Customer Number / Document Date / Division Number; using 01/01/70 to the current date; ALL divisions’ NO to ‘suppress detail records?’.


2.  Print the Aged Trial Balance (ATB) , go to:

  • Accounts Receivable (Module 2)
    • Aged Trial Balance (Task 9)
      • Aged Trial Balance with Optional Detail - ARTDTN (Sub-task 3)

Use current date as the ‘cut-off date’; Date basis = (2) Document; print numerically; select ALL for divisions, customers and salesperson; YES to ‘print account detail?’; Select ALL for Aging periods, N to ‘skip zero balance accounts?’; used the Left arrow key to exit and begin printing the report.


3. Once the reports have printed, compare the totals for each customer to find any discrepancies.   Use the “Document $” plus the “Other $” amounts on the AR Open Item reports and the “Cutoff Total” amount on the ATB report. 


4. Determine where the problem is, normally it is because the information in the A/R Open Item file has been manually altered or added.  The information must be fixed manually.  Do so with extreme care (date, amount, customer, etc.)