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Last modified on 9/16/2015 12:04 PM by User.

Task 06 - Recalculate Customer File Aging

This option goes through the A/R Open Items File and recalculates the aging and writes it into the Customer Master File.

This is done automatically each night during backup.

When sales or cash are posted in A/R, the aged trial balance in the customer master file is incorrect.

The aged trial balance that is recalculated by this option appears in:

  • Customer Account Inquiry - AR Task #27, first screen. (The second screen "age" comes from the A/R Open Items File.
  • AR Aged Trial Balance - Task #9, Sub-task #1, 2 and 6.
  • Order Entry & Editing - OE Task #1; if aging is allowed to be shown on the first screen of an order (a parameter setting determines this functionality).

NOTE: This task may be performed manually or done automatically when the back-up is run to recalculate the above mentioned aged trial balances.