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Daily Activity Checklist for Check Received in the Mail and A/R Adjustments

Before beginning, check with the person who posts the invoices from the Invoiced Order Holding File in the Order Processing module.  Make sure that person is finished with all of the postings.  To verify, go into A/R Task #1 (Sales Entry & Editing) and Task #2 Cash/Receipts Entry & Editing), the “Header record count” MUST be zero in both of these transaction files.  

To have one person posting the over the counter cash, checks & credit cards & a different person posting the checks received in the mail or to have multiple users entering checks in A/R (Module 2), Cash/receipts entry & editing (Task 2), see document titled:  Cash Receipts - Multiple Users Entering Cash.



_____     Enter checks received in the mail   2-2-1 (Module "2", Task "2", Sub-task "1") Received date should be today’s date.  Nothing should ever be entered with a previous day’s date.  Apply checks on the second screen, unless the cash is ‘non-A/R cash’ (such as a refund, etc.), then use fields 3 (enter customer #99999, this will allow you to enter the company’s name at the bottom of the screen), 4, 5, 14 and 15.   

_____    Print Cash edit list.                 2-2-4

            Total of checks MUST equal “Total Amount Received” on edit list. 

_____     “Total Amount Received” on edit list MUST equal deposit ticket.  Deposit ticket should be dated today’s date.

_____     Post Cash to AR                   2-2-5

Verify printed posting before answering YES.  Save posting.

_____     Enter “Total Change to A/R” from posting into AR Daily Balancing spreadsheet.

_____     If needed, enter deposit amount into A/P Task #20 - Check Account.


_____    Enter the adjustment   2-1-1. 

This is for entering A/R Adjustments.  They should always be dated today’s        date.  Nothing should ever be dated a previous days date. 

_____    Print Sales edit list                   2-1-4

_____    Post Sales to AR                    2-1-5

              Verify printed or viewed posting before answering YES.  Save posting.

_____    Enter amount from the “Grand Totals” line under the “Total Invoice” column on the A/R Daily Balancing spreadsheet.