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Export G/L Trial Balance

This document explains how to email and export an A/R Aged Trial balance, the G/L Trial balance and the A/P Aged Trial balance in a spreadsheet format.


For this example the G/L Trial balance will be e-mailed in a spreadsheet format.


  • General Ledger (Module 4)
    • G/L Trial Balance (Task 9)
      • Ranges: Make appropriate selections
      • Print Options:  No to detail, Yes to print zero balance accounts, Single spaced, Acct # order.
      • Totals: No to the totals options.
      • NOTE: This report won’t work if detail is needed because the account subtotals are in the same column as the date and other columns are merged.  An option for e-mailing detail is to e-mail the G/L Trial balance with detail in a PDF format. Another option for detail is to export Task #20 - YTD Master.
      • On the printer selection screen:
        • Field #1 Printer: TAB key for list of printers and select the printer for e-mailing raw text for exporting, examples for this printer can be EMEXEX or EMEXPO
        • Field #5 Spool Rpt: EXP
      • ‚ÄčThe report will preview on the screen.  Type:  PRINT

      • The system will prompt for the e-mail information:

        1. Subject:        G/L TRIAL BALANCE  (type in your subject)

        2. To:               Email  (type in your email address)

        3. From:           Email  (type in your email address)

        4. Our Company: XYZ  Co. (type in the your company name)

      • The next screen prompts:

        • Do you want to edit the above email message? It defaults to “N”, so just press the ENTER key.   The e-mailed report will now be sent to you.  Open up the e-mail and save the attached text file on your desktop.


Bring up Excel and open the file from your desktop.  The Text Import Wizard comes up on the screen. 

  1. Click NEXT for Step 1.  Check the default column settings in the automatic wizard during the open to make sure they line up well with the dollar amounts. 
  2. Then click NEXT for Step 2.
  3. Click FINISH on step 3.

Expand the columns, add headers & Save as an .xls.  It can then be treated as any other Excel spreadsheet…..put in subtotals, move columns, etc.