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G/L Accounts which Make-up a Line on the Financial Statements

This document list 3 different reports to assist in finding the G/L accounts which make up a line on the financial statement.    These reports may be printed and kept to refer back to from time-to-time.  If accounts are added, or moved the reports may need to be re-printed.   Go to the General Ledger module (4):


REPORT #1   Financial Statements (Task 10)

  1. Period dates: START: 10/01/xx       END: 10/31/xx (use dates for a single month)
  2. Division numbers: All
  3. Sub-division START:                       END: (field 3 is dependant on field 2 division # allowing sub-divisions.)
  4. Income statement? Y;  with supporting schedules - optional
  5. Balance sheet? Y;  with supporting schedules - optional
  6. Working capital? N
  7. Print a separate report for each division (or for each sub-division depending on field 2 & 3 selections)? N
  8. Print today’s date and time? Y
  9. Change format? N
  10. Rollup divisions into one line? N
  11. Show statement codes in description column? Y
    • By answering a Y to #11, the statement codes will print on the financial statement in the description column.    For example the income statement may have a line for SALES  P052IP.  This information is then used to find out all of the G/L account numbers that also have the same statement code (this is explained below)
  12. Use consolidated ratios in supporting schedules? Y


REPORT #2    G/L Trial Balance (Task 9)

  1. G/L transaction dates: Start 10/01/xx  End 10/31/xx (use the same date range as in Report #1)
  2. G/L account numbers: ALL
  3. G/L department numbers: ALL
  4. G/L transaction numbers: ALL
  5. G/L Statement codes: ALL
  6. G/L division numbers: ALL
  7. G/L sub-divisions: ALL
  8. Print transaction detail (Y/N): N if you don’t want to see all of the debits/credits in each account or Y if you do
  9. Print zero balance account? (Y/N): N
  10. Single, Double, Triple spaced: (S,D,T):
  11. Print order: Acct # or Statement code? (A,S): S
    • By answering an S to field #11, the report will print in the same order as the Financial Statements:  Balance Sheet first, followed by the Income Statement.  The financial statement codes will print on the report, with subtotals for each IP statement code.    You then should be able to match these financial statement subtotal amounts to the lines on the financial statements, which was done in report #1.
      • For example, the G/L Trial Balance might show P052IP: 
        • 531-00-01 SALES – Equipment P052VS with a total of $10,000.00,

        • 532-00-01 SALES – Inventory P052VS with a total of $7,000.00.   

        • The subtotal for P052IP should be the same as the line on the Income statement SALES P052IP $17,000.00.

  12. Print department/middle digits subtotals? N
  13. Print major account subtotals? N
  14. Print major account summary? N
    • The wording on lines 12, 13 and 14 can be changed to reflect something more meaningful to the user (go to :4/32/22/2). The ‘department’ is the middle 2 digits
    • Major’ represents the first 3 digits of the G/L account number.
  • The G/L Trial Balance may be printed for a single or a range of financial statement codes too:    Field #5 - G/L Statement codes: The bottom of the screen will display: F1 to pick from chart of accts.         

    • This will bring another screen up with the “outline” of the Balance Sheet, followed by the “outline” of the Income Statement.  The up and down arrow keys may be used or the Enter key used to find the line of the financial statement needed.  The prompts are at the bottom of the screen.  Press the Y or the 1 key when you find the line of the financial statement for which you want the detail.

    • When the code is selected, the system will to go back to the previous screen.  Your cursor will be on Field 5 again: if just one code is needed, just press the Enter key.  If multiple codes are needed, press the F1 again to get the ‘outline’ of the statements to select another code (as noted above).

      • For example, let’s say the Income Statement’s first line is: SALES and the statement code for that line is P052IP (found using Report #1).  At field 5, G/L Statement codes, press the F1 key to pick from the Chart of Accounts. Press the Enter key until the SALES line of the Income Statement is on the screen, then press the Y or 1 key at the SALES line.  The screen goes back to the previous screen, Field 5…with the selected code in the Start position.   Just press the Enter key to get the same information that is in the Start position into the End position.  Therefore, on Field 5 it would read (per the example) START P052IP  / END P052IP.  Press the Enter key and continue answering the rest of the questions.

    • The report will print for all the G/L accounts with the financial statement code of P052VS that have activity in the month printed, i.e. if the report is printed for the month of 10/01/xx – 10/31/xx, it will show all of the G/L accounts with the financial statement code of P052VS, with activity in October 20xx.  If these accounts have a previous balance, but no activity in October 20xx, they won’t be on this report.

  • This report should equal the SALES line of the Income Statement.


REPORT #3:  Accounts & Formatting (Task 13)

  • G/L Accounts by Statement Code GLASTM (Sub- Task 3)
    • Please enter – starting account #: ALL
    • Please enter – starting division #: ALL

    • Print ALL group headers & totals regardless of division? Y

    • Print ONLY group headers & totals? N

    • Please enter – starting statement code: ALL

      • This report doesn’t show any $ amounts.  It shows the headers and the accounts under each header, similar to an outline.  For example:   The Income Statement might start out with INCOME & SALES under income.  The INCOME account might have the IP Financial statement code of P052IP.  All of the accounts that have a matching financial statement code of P052VS will be on this report right under the P052IP account number. 


INCOME                                          500-00-99       P050SR

SALES                                             500-01-99       P052IP

SALES - EQUIPMENT                    531-00-01       P052VS

SALES – INVENTORY                   532-00-01       P052VS

SALES - PLOTTING                       533-00-01       P052VS

SALES – FRAMING                       534-00-01       P052VS

SALES – LG FORMAT B&W         535-00-01       P052VS

SALES – SM FORMAT B&W        536-00-01       P052VS

SALES – PHOTO                            537-00-01       P052VS

SALES – LG FORMAT CLR           538-00-01       P052VS

SALES – SM FORMAT CLR          539-00-01       P052VS


This means that if they all had activity, the total of all these accounts would show up on one line of the Income Statement.  In this example all of the activity for these Sales G/L accounts will show up on the SALES line of the income statement.