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MVSWeb™ Online Document Access System for Profits Plus™


The MVSWeb™ Online Document Access System for Profits Plus™ (ODAS) is a web-based application that is part of the MVSWeb suite of applications whose primary function is to give internal users (company employees, consultants, accountants, etc.) and external users (customers and partners) read-only access over the web to scanned or electronically generated images of documents such as invoices and checks.  It also includes online statement and order history lookups directly from the Profits Plus™ ERP system.  In 2009 the system was enhanced to provide users the ability to see all the payments received by the company from a specific customer. 

The business objective in creating this system is to minimize the number of phone calls that occur when customers need copies of documents such as invoices, look at their payment records, or want to review their account information.

The application is developed using web-based technology so as to make it accessible using a standard Internet Web-browser available both internal to the organization and externally via the Internet.  One of the major enabling components is the MVS-UDA (Universal Data Access) component developed by MV Software Company for access into Profits Plus™ information.