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AP Balancing Issues

The sum of voucher postings does not equal the `Increase in A/P' on the A/P to G/L Interface.

  • Check the date range on the AP to GL Interface [Module 3, Task 32, Sub-task 3]
  • Check the invoice/voucher dates on the Voucher Postings (this is usually the cause).
  • Every Voucher Posting must be accounted for, make sure the voucher numbers are all consecutive.
  • Print a Voucher History Report (Module 3, Task 19, Sub-task 4) for the month that is being balanced - use: All vendors, all vouchers. Check that each voucher on the Voucher Postings is also on the Voucher History Report.
    • If a voucher is on the Voucher History Report and but not on a Voucher Posting journal, then print a Voucher History for just the missing voucher(s), (Module 3, Task 19, Sub-task 4). Press Enter for all system prompts, except for the beginning and ending voucher #. Note: Put this report with the rest of the Voucher Posting journals and make a notation on it that the Voucher Posting was missing. Reprint the AP to GL Interface Task 32, Sub-task 3).
    • If there is a voucher on the Voucher Posting but it isn't on the Voucher History Report, proceed to: Change Existing Vch Hist Rec. (Module 3, Task 19, Sub-task 2), and try to find the record.
      1. Type in the voucher #. If it doesn't come up on the screen, type in the previous voucher #  then press the Enter key and see if the missing voucher will scroll up.
      2. If it still doesn't come up on the screen, go into the Voucher History and print just this voucher, (Module 3, Task 19, Sub-task 4). Be sure the Voucher History is sorted. Press the Enter key for all prompts except beginning and ending voucher #, type in the voucher #. Note: If it prints a report with the voucher on it, write this up and contact us with all of the appropriate information via e-mail or fax: 248 583-4110.
      3. If it comes up on the screen, check to make sure everything is exactly the same on the screen as on the Voucher Posting - make the corrections on the screen to match the Voucher Posting. Make a notation on the Voucher Posting and on the final Voucher History Report what you had to change on the screen.
      4. Reprint the AP to GL Interface [APTOGL] – Task 32, Sub-task 3.

 The sum of check registers does not equal the `Pre Paid and Regular Checks' on the AP to GL Interface [APTOGL].

  • Check the date range on the AP to GL Interface [APTOGL]   
  • Verify the check dates on the check registers (this is usually the cause).
  • Make sure every check # is accounted for.
  • Print a ‘Voucher History by Check’ report, (Module 3, Task 14) Use:   All vendors;  Paid date range should be the month being balancing;  Starting and ending check number:  ALL;  Suppress detail records: NO.

Verify each check, on the check register, with the `Voucher History by Check' report. Mark off each check on the Check Register and the Voucher History report.


  • If there is a check on the Voucher History Report and it isn't on a Check Registerprint a Voucher History Report (Module 3, Task 14) for just the check(s) that are missing. Note on the top of the report that the check register is missing. Put this report with the rest of the check registers for the month. Re-add the check resisters.

  • If there is a check on a Check Register and it isn't on the Voucher History Report, go into change in the Voucher History,(Module 3, Task 19, Sub-task 2).


  • Type in one of the voucher #'s on the Check Register. If it doesn't appear on the screen try to scroll it up by entering the previous voucher #.

  • If it comes up on the screen verify that everything is exactly the same on the screen as on the Check Registers. Correct the difference on the screen. Do the same for each voucher on the check register. Reprint the AP to GL Interface [APTOGL]. The Interface should be correct.

  • If the voucher #'s on the Check Register don't appear on the screen and they aren't on the Voucher History (make sure Voucher History is sorted), it would seem that they are gone from the Voucher History. You will have to enter them into the Voucher History. Be Very Careful! After entering them into the Voucher History reprint the AP to GL Interface. It should be correct. If not write this up and either e-mail or fax: 248 583-4110.


A/P Aged Trial Balance Doesn't Balance.

Sum of last months ending A/P Aged Trial Balance, plus the `Increase in A/P' on the AP to GL interface, minus the `Pre Paid and Regular Checks' on the AP to GL interface should equal the A/P Aged Trial Balance for the month being balanced.

  • Scan through the vouchers for the exact amount that is off.
  • Scan through the Check Registers for the exact amount that is off.
  • Print a Voucher History Report (Module 3, Task 19, Sub-task 4) for the month being balanced.
  • Get the A/P Aged Trial Balance reports from the previous month and the current month and the Voucher History Report for the current month.
    • Take the Aged Trial Balance from the previous month and cross off each voucher when found on the current month Aged Trial Balance.
    • If the voucher isn't on the current Aged Trial Balance it should be on the current Voucher History Report with a check date and check #. Note: Every report where there is a voucher, it must be crossed off. When this is finished, everything on the previous month Aged Trial Balance should be crossed off. Everything on the Voucher History Report, with a document date prior to the month being worked onshould also be crossed off.
    • The Voucher History Report should now have all the current month vouchers left un-marked. Take the Voucher History and find all of the current months unpaid vouchers on the A/P Aged Trial Balance (cross them off of both reports.)
    • The Aged Trial Balance should now have everything crossed off.
    • The Voucher History Report should have everything with a previous month document date crossed off. It should have only current month paid vouchers not crossed off.


Resolving AP Open Item Report and Aged Trial Balance (ATB) Discrepancies:

Print Accounts Payable Open Item Report, go to:

  • Accounts Payable (Module 3)
    • A/P Open Items (Task 21)
      • Print Selected Open-Item Records (Sub-task 4)

Answer system prompts as follows:

Please enter - starting date & ending date:  (Use applicable dates)

Please enter - starting batch number & ending batch number:  (Press Enter key for ALL)

Please enter - starting vendor number & ending vendor number:  (press Enter key for All)

Please enter - starting voucher number & ending voucher number: (press Enter key for ALL)

Suppress detail records? Y/N:  No


Print the Aged Trial Balance (ATB) Report, go to:

  • Accounts Payable (Module 3)
    • Aged Trial Balance (Task 9)
      • Aged Trial Balance with Optional Detail (Sub-task 3)

Answer system prompts as follows:

Aging Date:  (use the end of the month date)

Aging basis (1) Due (2) Document:  2

Print item detail (Y/N):  Yes

Document cutoff date: (use the same aging date used to print the AP Open Items report from above)

Please enter - starting division & ending division:  (Press Enter key for ALL)

Please enter vendor type: (Press Enter for ALL)

Numeric or Alphabetic Order (N or A):   N

Please enter - starting vendor # & ending vendor #:  (Press Enter  key for ALL)



  • This report is based on information in the AP Open Item file.  It is an important report for month-end auditing


  • If the document date is after the cut-off date or the paid date is before the aging date, the document is skipped.


  • For unpaid vouchers, if the aging date is after the selected aging basis date, any discount available will be shown as zero on this report.  i.e. paying on this date forfeits the discount.



After both reports (Aged Trial Balance and A/P Open Items) are done, compare the totals on each report for each vendor to find the discrepancy.


All discrepancies should be found.  The most common reason there is a discrepancy in the Open Item Report not matching the ATB is because of incorrect dates.


When the discrepancy is found, it then needs to be fixed -- most likely in AP Open Items (Task 21, Sub-task 2 in the AP module)