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AP Checkbook-Out of Balance

Be sure last month was not "Out of Balance", if your checking account was then go back to last month and complete the following instructions:

Or if this is the first month that is "Out of Balance" start with the following instructions:

Verify Bank's Checkbook Balance:

  • Accounts Payable (Module 3)
  • Check Account (Task 20)
    • Change Existing Check Record (Sub-task 2)
    • Optional TRX # Type: #7 - Bank's Checkbook Balance

The Bank Balance, dated the first day of the month (this is the bank statement balance) was entered for the month that is out of balance. Check the date in Sub-task 2 to be sure it was entered correctly. If the date is wrong, correct it.

If the amount entered doesn't equal the last month bank ending balance, check for an incorrect amount entered. If amount is wrong, correct it in Sub-task 2

 Verify Your Checkbook Balance:

  • Accounts Payable (Module 3)
  • Check Account (Task 20)
    • Change Existing Check Record (Sub-task 2)
    • Optional TRX # Type: #6 - Your Checkbook Balance

By taking the amount in #7-Bank's Checkbook Balance and add in the uncleared deposits, and subtract the uncleared checks it will equal the amount in #6 - Your Checkbook Balance. If everything balanced last month this is the amount entered in the #6- "Your Checkbook Balance", dated the first day of the month.

If the date on the #6-Your Checkbook Balance isn't the first day of the month, make the correction in Sub-task 2.

If the #6-Your Checkbook Balance is incorrect, check for wrong amount keyed in or check to see if last month truly did balance. If the amount was entered in wrong, make the correction in Sub-task 2. Note: if last month didn't balance, go back and balance it first before continuing.


  • Take the report printed when you last balanced and compare it with the new report that is "out of balance". Note: "Out of Balance" indicates that something was added, changed or deleted with a previous month's date.
  • Everything that is uncleared on the old report should still be on the new report with the same date and same amount.
  • Mark off the transactions that are identical on both reports. Note: as you are checking off the transactions on both reports - verify that the amounts and dates are identical.
  • When finished, there should be a check mark on all the uncleared transactions on the old report.
  • On the new report, everything with a previous date should have a check mark.


  • When the differences are found between the two reports, corrections must be made. It should be the same as it was when the checking book last month (or the previous month if "out of balance" occurred then)
  • If it's a date or amount that needs correction, make change in Sub-task 2.
  • If a transaction was entered on the new report with a previous month's date, it needs to be deleted. Use Sub-task 3.
  • If a transaction was deleted from the old report, it needs to be entered back in. Use Sub-task 1.

 Run Report Again:

Print a new checking account report - use Sub-task 4. The starting date should be the first day of the month. The ending date should be the last day of the month. This report should have zero "Out of Balance". If there is an amount, go back and repeat the steps above.