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City/County Income Taxes- Using Tax Table Maintenance (Task 23)

Each employee can only have one city/county tax code in the employee master file. If additional city/county tax codes are needed a deduction master file may be used.  See the document Codes For Deductions and Additions Master File for complete instructions.



Payroll (Module 1)

  • System management functions (Task 32)
    • Modify application tables (Sub-task 17)
      • City (county) codes. The table needs to have a line for every city/county income tax.





“NR” , “NON-RES”




  • Employee master file (Task 17)
    • Change existing employee record (Sub-task 2). Bring up the employees who live/work in the city/county with the income tax.
    • Field 27 Cty tx code: GB
      • When the cursor is at field 27 the city/county tax code table displays on the screen.  Type in the appropriate two character abbreviation.
    • Field 31 CTY exmpt:
      • If the city/county allows exemptions type in the # of exemptions.
      • Type in 99 if you want zero $0.00 withheld for the city/county tax.
    • Field 34 Add CWT $:
      • Type in the $ amount of additional city/county tax taken out of pay. 
      • If field 31 is set to 99 for zero taken out, but field 34 is set to a $ amount, the $ amount in field 34 will be the exact amount taken out for the city/county tax.
      • This amount can be changed during Task 1 Attendance entry & entering.





  • Tax table maintenance (Task 23)
    • Enter new tax record (Sub-task 1)
      • Field 1 Tax code: The tax codes are 6 characters:
        • The first 2 characters are the same as the 2 digit abbreviation “city tax code” created in the table in step 2, i.e. DR, GB or TO, etc….
        • The second 2 characters are the pay frequency, i.e. WK weekly, BI bi-weekly, MO monthly, SM semi-monthly.
        • The last 2 characters are the marital status, SL single or MR married.
        • Detroit, weekly, single would be DRWKSL
        • Toledo, bi-weekly, married would be TOBIMR
      • Field 2 Exempt $ amt: This is the exempt amount allowed for the pay frequency.  For example if the yearly exempt amount is $4,000.00 & the pay frequency is weekly the exempt amount is $76.92.  If the pay frequency is bi-weekly the exempt amount would be $153.85.  This amount is multiplied by # of exemptions typed in the employee master file (Task 17), CTY exmpt (field 31), then subtracted from the gross pay to compute the amount of the city tax.
      • Field 3 Std $ allow: Straight dollar amount subtracted from pay before tax calculation.  
      • Field 4 Fed $ exempt: Should federal withholding $ be subtracted from pay before calculating tax? Y/N
      • Field 5 Std % allow: Taken from basis BEFORE Std $ allowance & Exemptions amounts, if any.
      • Field 6 Basis: If a % is typed in field 5, is this based on T-total gross, F-federal, S-state, C-city, A-FICA or M-medicare.
      • Field 7 Minimum $: Minimum dollar allowance (if any) when doing std % calculation.
      • Field 8 Maximum $: Maximum dollar allowance (if any) when doing std % calculation.
      • Field 09 BREAK POINT: If the pay, after subtraction of exemptions & standard allowances, reaches this amount then use the tax $ and Tax rate % on this line.
      • Field 09 TAX: $ amount of tax to be taken out of pay.
      •  Field 09 RATE: % or tax rate to be take out of pay in addition to the TAX $ amount; 200=2
      • Fields 10 – 20 follow the same structure as field 9.





  • General Ledger (Module 4). This should be completed by the person in charge of the General ledger module.
    • System management functions (Task 32)
      • Setup automatic interface (Sub-task 5)
        • Change interface parameters (Sub-task 2). Make sure Payroll is set to Y.  Press the enter key until the payroll interface parameters are on the screen.
          • Field 9 CWT withheld: This is the G/L account # used on the P/R to G/L interface for the city/county tax withheld.
            • When the city/county income tax withheld is paid to the city/county, an A/P voucher will need to be posted & paid.  Use the same G/L account # on the A/P voucher.




Payroll (Module 1)

  • Tax reports/forms (Task 10)
    • Quarterly 941 / Monthly tax summary PRHSUM (Sub-task 1).  Print this report for the selections needed.
      • The city/county withholding will be near the bottom of the report:

City withholding (wages = 0.00): 0.00