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Annual Payroll Forms & Procedures Checklist

The normal monthly and quarterly procedures, forms & payments need to be finished prior to starting these procedures.  See the documents titled, “Federal -File Quarterly and Annual Returns” & “Quarterly Payroll Forms & Payment Checklist”. 



NOTE:  Please check with your accountant,, your state and local authorities for Forms and payments needed and the due dates. 



STEP 1:   Date completed ________

The MTD, QTD and YTD (from 2010) on the employees’ records must be cleared out.  Running the Clear YTD, QTD, MTD Emp/Recurring­ program does this.  Go to:

  • Payroll (Module 1)
    • System Management Functions (Task 32)
      • Clear YTD, QTD, MTD Emp/Recurring (Sub-task 3)


Clearing these fields will not interfere with the running of W-2s for 2010, since the information for the W-2s come from the Payroll History. Note:  If these fields are not cleared, the current year’s wages (2013) that print on the check stub will also include the wages from the prior year (2012).  These fields may be cleared as soon as the last payroll for the year is posted.


STEP 2:  Date completed ________

Before running a payroll for a new calendar year (2013), the P/R Execution Parameters need to be updated.  Go to:

  • Payroll (Module 1)
    • System Management Functions (Task 32)
      • Update P/R Execution Parameters (Sub-task 4)
        • Field 5: FICA Maximum: 113700.00
        • Field 6: FICA employee %:  6.20
        • Field 7: FICA employer %:  6.20 (unchanged)
        • Field 16: Medicare employee %: 1.45 (unchanged)
        • Field 17 Medicare employer %: 1.45 (unchanged)
        • Field 20 Fed unemp max: 7000.00 (unchanged)
        • Field 21 Fed unemp pct: 0.80 (verify with accountant)
        • Field 22: SUTA or STA unem max: 
        • Field 23: SUTA or STA unem pct:
          1. Verify with your state what fields 22& 23 should be.


NOTE: The above P/R Execution Parameters must be updated before the first payroll is calculated and processed for the new year (2013).  But when printing P/R reports for the last quarter or the whole year of 2012, for purposes of filing federal, state or city forms/payments the P/R execution Parameters must be changed back to the amounts and percentages for 2012.  So for example, your first payroll is dated 01/04/13, these parameters must be updated for 2013 before this payroll.  But when printing the “Quarterly 941 / Monthly tax summary PRHSUM” profits plus report, for the purposes of filling out the 4th quarter “941 Employer’s Quarterly Federal Tax Return” or the “940 FUTA Employer’s ANNUAL Federal Unemployment Tax Return”, the P/R Execution Parameters must be changed back to the 2012 amounts and figures.  Then after the profits plus report PRHSUM is printed the P/R Execution parameter may be changed back to the 2013 amounts and figures.



STEP 3:  Date completed _______

The Federal tax rate tables must be updated before the first payroll of the new year.  Go to:

  • Payroll (Module 1)
    • Tax table maintenance (Task 23)


See document titled “Federal Tax Rates for 2015”.  If your state or city has state income tax the state and city withholding tables should be updated in this task.  These tables have no affect on the W2 forms or the monthly, quarterly or yearly reports and forms for the prior year, so you don’t need to change these tables back to the prior years. 


STEP 4:  Date completed _______

Print W2 forms & fill out W3.  See document titled, “Federal -File Quarterly and Annual Returns” for detailed instructions.  Go to:

  • Payroll (Module 1)
    • Tax Reports/Forms (Task 10)
      • Print W2 Forms – FW2 (Sub-task 6).


STEP 5: Date completed _______

See document titled, “Federal -File Quarterly and Annual Returns” for detailed instructions.  See the NOTE above in STEP 2.

______ 940     FUTA Employer’s ANNUAL Federal Unemployment Tax Return

______ Schedule A if applicable


STEP 6: Date completed _______

The 1099 forms are printed from the A/P Module.  See the document titled “1099 Vendor Information and Printing “. 



STEP 7: Date completed _______

Add any needed State or city annual reports and forms if applicable.