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Paying Vouchers from Multiple Checking Accounts

The A/P module will allow you to choose which checking account you are using to pay vouchers.


For the example on this document we will use the following checking accounts:

01 PNC bank

02 Capital One

05 Bank of America

10 Fifth Third Bank


IMPORTANT NOTE: This should be setup in coordination with the person knowledgeable with the General Ledger module.  If needed, contact us to set this up for you.



To find the G/L account # the A/P module uses for the checking account, go to:

General Ledger (Module 4). 

  • System Management functions (Task 32)
    • Setup automatic interface (Sub-task 5)
      • Change interface parameters (Sub-task 2)
      • Which systems do you wish to interface to G/L?
      • Y: Accounts receivable
      • Y: Accounts payable
      • Y: Payroll
        • Y specifies each module in use.  Press the enter key to see the automatic interface G/L account #’s.  The A/R automatic interface General Ledger account #’s will be on the screen first.  The A/P automatic interface General Ledger account #’s will be on the screen second.  Here is an example of the A/P automatic interface General Ledger account #’s:

1. A/P cash (out):    102-00

2. Discounts taken:   652-00

3. A/P payables:      302-00

  • The G/L account # for the checking account in this example is 102-00-xx.  The last two digits of the G/L account # are the division # & the checking account #.  Nothing needs to be changed in this step.  Jot down the A/P cash (out) account # in field 1, 102-00. 






For the checking accounts listed in this example, G/L account #’s need to be setup for each one.  If G/L account #’s need to be added, go to:

General Ledger (Module 4)

  •    Account Master (Task 17)
    •  Enter new G/L Act # record (Sub-task 1) a new G/L account # will need to be added for each checking account #.  It is very important to have all the correct information in the G/L account master, i.e. financial statement code, supporting schedule code.  Contact us for assistance.
      • 102-00-01 CHECKING ACCT-PNC
      • 102-00-05 CHECKING ACCT-FIFTH 3RD BANK





Each checking account # must have a division record in the division master.  In our example we would need a division #01, 02, 05 & 10.  To add new division #’s, go to:

  • General Ledger (Module 4)
    • Division Master (Task 21)
      •  Enter new division record (Sub-task 1)




An application table needs to be setup. Go to:

  • Accounts Payable (Module 3)
    • System management functions (Task 32)
      • Modify Application tables (Sub-task 17)
        • Checking account numbers (5). The checking account # is 2 numeric characters.  This checking account # corresponds to the last 2 digits of the G/L account # & division #.    Here is an example of the table:


; @ID:   ckntbl.fdm Checking account numbers

; KEY:   Division # ; 2 characters, numeric. Max 20 entries

; TEXT:  DESCRIPTION, Alphanumeric, Maximum of 20 characters


;        Description

"01" , "PNC bank            "

"02" , "Capital One         "

"05" , "Bank of America     "

"10" , "Fifth Third Bank    "





Parameter needs to be checked: The following 3 parameters are in A/R, System management functions (Task 32), Modify Parameter files (Sub-task 22), 3 Interface.  




Even with the parameters set this way, A/P will still ask for a checking account #. 

The A/P to G/L Interface will put the credit to the checking account to division 01.  So with our example the A/P cash out G/L account # is 102-00.  If a check is paid by checking account 02 Capital One the credit to the checking account will go the G/L account #102-00-01.

If the credit to the checking account is wanted to go to 102-00-02 then the A/R interface parameter needs to be set:






Once the above 5 steps have been completed you can use the multiple checking accounts when paying vouchers.  The system will ask checking account # whenever paying a voucher with a company check or EFT.


Accounts Payable (Module 3)


  • Voucher payment preparation (Task 25).  The selection of vouchers is normal.  For instructions on selecting vouchers to be paid (Sub-task 1) see document Task 25 - Voucher Payment Preparation
    • Pay selected vouchers (Sub-task 4)

      • Once the pay method of 1 Company check or 2 EFT is selected:
        • A list of the checking accounts is on the screen.  This list comes from the checking account application table completed in step 4.
        • The system will ask the checking account #.




                                                                                    # Checking accounts

      Please enter the payment                                       01 PNC bank

      method for the selected                                         02 Capital One

      vouchers.  1, 2 or 3.                                               05 Bank of America

                                                                                    10 Fifth Third Bank

            1    Company check                                        



      Enter the checking account #                                

      that will pay the selected





  • After the checking account # is typed in, the rest of the procedures are normal.  All of the vouchers paid in this check run/batch will be paid with the checking account # selected.
  • The check register has the division # selected for the checking account #. 
  • The checking account # is posted to the Voucher history (Task 19). 


These two parameters are in A/P, System management functions (Task 32), Modify Parameter files (Sub-task 22), 1 A/P-General.  They have no affect on the system asking for a checking account # when paying.  Both of these parameters relate to the voucher’s division # when selecting the vouchers to be paid.  For example they have no affect on letting division 01 vouchers being paid by checking account 02.  


Ask for division in checking account related functions. (Y/N)

  • If this is set to Y: When in Task 25 Voucher payment preparation, Sub-task 1 Select vouchers to be paid, the system will ask division #.  If a division # is typed in, it will only allow vouchers to be selected from the same division #.
    • Although, if steps 1 through 5 above are completed, it will allow any checking account # to pay for vouchers from a different division.

AP'CHECKING'FORCE'DIV=N   This parameter will have no affect on using multiple checking accounts to pay for vouchers.