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Posting Vouchers - Task 1, Sub-Task 5

If everything on the edit list is perfect, go to Post Transactions to A/P Files:

  • Accounts Payable (Module 3)
    • Voucher Entry and Editing (Task1)
      • Post Transactions to AP Files (Sub-task 5)


It is very important that the posting cycle is left to finish - do not touch the keyboard or turn the computer off. If the computer locks up, there is a power failure during a posting cycle, the files will need to be reconstructed. Call us immediately if this happens: 248 583-4110.

The computer will print a Voucher Posting Journal.

  • Always save the voucher posting journals. At the end of the month all the voucher posting journals will be added together for balancing. All the voucher posting journals should be put into a permanent binder with the balancing reports.
  • After the posting is done, the edit lists may be thrown away.


The system prompts:

"Posting of Vouchers transaction records O.K.?(YES? NO?):

  • If the answer is YES, after the posting is complete the system will exit Task #1: Voucher Entry & Editing
  • Information will be posted to the following files (NEVER make any changes to these files):
    • Vendor Master File (Task 17)
    • Voucher History (Task 19)
    • Check Account (only if it had a check # on the edit list) - (Task 20)
    • A/P Open Items (Task 21)
    • Batch Control (Task 22)