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1099 Reporting Issues

At year end when printing reports for the 1099’s if you have any issues this documents explains what to check & do:



In A/P (Module 3), Go to Vendor master (Task 17)

  • Change existing vendor record. Bring up the 1099 vendor.
    • Field 39. Send 1099:  Verify this field is not N.



The 1099 data comes from the Vendor history (Task 18).  The vendor history records need to be built each month.  To find out if a month has NOT been built:

Go into A/P (Module 3)

  • Vendor history (Task 18)
    • Look at the screen.  Are there any “Unsorted vendor hst records 0”? If there are any unsorted vendor history records, go to Sub-task 6 Sort existing vendor hst records. Say YES & let it sort.
    • Print selected vendor hst records (Sub-task 4)
      • Print a report for any one vendor # which has a voucher EACH month of the year, i.e. rent vendor, car payment vendor, state taxes vendor, etc… for the whole year of 2011 print the report for 1101 through 1112 for one vendor #.
        • This report should have one line for each month of the year.  For 2011, a line for 1101, a line for 1102, a line for 1103, a line for 1104, etc….for each month of the year.  If any of the months are missing go to Task 19 Voucher history and print a report for the same vendor # for the month in question to make sure you didn’t miss vouchering for one month. 
        • The vendor history records need to be built for each missing month.   



The normal A/P End-of-Month procedures include the instructions to perform the task of building the vendor history records.


  • Accounts Payable (Module 3)
    • Vendor History (Task 18) Check to make sure the "unused vendor history records" has enough records. There must be at least as many “unused” records as you have active vendors x 12 months. Use Subtask # 7: Adjust size of vendor history file.


  • System Management Functions (Task 32)

    • Build Monthly Vendor History (Sub-task 4) Type in the missing month & year, one at a time. If September 2011 is missing type in-  

Please enter – voucher month (MM/YY):0911

§       Continue building each month until you are finished with the whole year. 

§       Go back to Task 18 Vendor history. Use Subtask 6 Sort existing vendor hst records. Say YES to sorting.  When it is done sorting continue with your 1099 report etc…

NOTE:  This should be done only once for each month. The program will not allow you to run this subtask twice for one month. If you try, a message appears: "Vendor history record already exists. CR TO CONTINUE." When CR (Enter key) is pressed, the system will go back to the System management subtask screen.

ADDITIONAL NOTE:  If a vendor has, for example, 10 vouchers for one month in the Voucher History File (Task 19), building the vendor history records will consolidate them into one record and stores it into the Vendor History File (Task 18).  The individual vouchers stay in the Voucher History until purged.