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"Hold" Voucher From Being Paid

To prevent a voucher from being selected for payment (possibly because of a dispute or return of merchandise), change the status to ‘on hold’ on an open AP item.  Once the determination is made to select the voucher for payment, remove the ‘on hold’ status.


Go to:

  • Accounts Payable (Module 3)
    • A/P Open Item (Task 21)
      • Change Existing Open-Item Record (Sub-task 2)

Find the correct voucher by entering the vendor number and voucher number.  Proceed to field #8 – Status, and change it to #4 “On Hold”.   This voucher will not be selected for payment until the status is changed.


The 5 available statuses for an Open AP record are:

0 = Marked for pay

1 = Unpaid

2 = Prepaid voucher

3 = Paid voucher

4 = On hold