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Export A/P Trial Balance

This document explains how to email and export the A/P Aged Trial balance in a spreadsheet format, go to:

  • Accounts Payable (Module 3)
    • Aged Trial Balance (Task 9)
      • Quick Aging Summary from Vendor File   (Numerical) APTSMN
      • Quick Aging Summary from Vendor File   (Alphabetical) APTSMA
        • Ranges: Make appropriate selections
        • On the printer selection screen:
          • Field #1 Printer: TAB key for list of printers and select the printer for e-mailing raw text for exporting, examples for this printer can be EMEXEX or EMEXPO
          • Field #5 Spool Rpt: EXP
        • The report will preview on the screen.  Type:  PRINT

        • The system will prompt for the e-mail information:

          • SubjectA/P TRIAL BALANCE  10/31/xx (type in the subject)

          • To:Email  (type in your email address)

          • From: Email  (type in your email address)

          • Our Company: XYZ  Co. (type in the your company name)

        • The next screen prompts:

          • Do you want to edit the above email message? It defaults to “N”, so just press the ENTER key.  

        • The e-mailed report will now be sent to you.

        • Open up the e-mail and save the attached text file on your desktop.

        • Bring up Excel and open the file from your desktop.  The Text Import Wizard comes up on the screen. 

          • Click NEXT for Step 1.  Check the default column settings in the automatic wizard during the open to make sure they line up well with the dollar amounts. 

          • Then click NEXT for Step 2.

          • Click FINISH on step 3.

          • Expand the columns, add headers & Save as an .xls.  It can then be treated as any other Excel spreadsheet…..put in subtotals, move columns, etc.