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Finding a Voucher Number for a Purchase Order

Step 1:

First find the vendor’s invoice number and the voucher date.  Go to:


  • Purchase Order Module (7)
    • Purchased Item History (Task 18)
      • Print selected history records (Subtask 4)
        • Answer the prompts as follows:
          • Select PRE print preview on the printer screen (5 Spool Rpt)
          • Print report by: 2) Order number/Item number.
          • Please enter – starting order number: Type in the PO #
          • ending order number: Press the ENTER key for the same PO #
          • Please enter – starting item number: Press ENTER for ALL
        • When the report comes up on the screen, look for the column “VENDOR INVOICE NUMBER” (which is on the right side of the report).  Write down the Vendor Invoice #.

        • Also look for the column “VOUCHER DATE” (which is on the left side of the report). Write it down.



Step 2:

Back out all the way to the main menu and go to:


  • Accounts Payable Module (3)
    • Voucher history inquiry (Task 26)
      • Answer the prompts as follows:
        • Type in the vendor #, or press TAB key to search by vendor name
        • Please enter starting date: Type in a few days before the Voucher Date written down in the previous step, then press the ENTER key.
      • When the voucher(s) appear on the screen, look down the “INVOICE” column for the Vendor Invoice number written down in the first step.

      • To the left of it, you will find the voucher number.